Dietary beverage store opens on Emerald Avenue | Economic system


Keene Nutrition, an Elm City store selling energy and fitness drinks, opened in The Center at Colony Mill last month and continues a number of health-related businesses in that square.

The store opened on February 11th in a suite at 149 Emerald Street, which, according to owner Laura Cumings, previously housed the GNC wellness outfit. It is also located next to the former location of Goulet Strength & Fitness, which moved to another location on Emerald Street during the COVID-19 pandemic, owner Justin Goulet told The Sentinel in an email.

Keene Nutrition offers beverages from Herbalife Nutrition, a multi-tier marketing company based in California, including high-protein shakes and nutritional teas, according to Cumings. The store buys Herbalife beverage products, which are usually available in powder form, and mixes them with water and other flavors based on the customer’s order, she explained.

“Everything we offer here is super healthy and good fuel for your body,” said Cumings.

Herbalife also makes protein-based snacks, probiotics, and beauty products. The company has 1.5 million distributors worldwide, according to its website.

Cumings moved to Keene from Mississippi last summer, where she also ran a Herbalife distribution business. Her husband, Michael Cumings, grew up in Antrim and Troy and still has a local family. So the couple moved here to continue raising their two children, Laura Cumings said.

After renting the suite on Emerald Street in late October, the premises underwent major renovations including floor replacement, electrical repairs and repainting prior to opening last month.

So far, according to Cumings, the business has been “stable” and the business has attracted customers of all ages.

“Since I’m not from here, I definitely appreciate the community’s support,” she said. “It was amazing.”