Dietary Progress Options expands children diet shake portfolio with acquisition of KidzShake


The target group is a growing market for the use of nutritional supplements in children (ie according to a CDC survey 2018Of American children and adolescents, more than a third of the children in the United States take dietary supplements. NGS Managing Director and CEO Liron Fendell said KidzShake is the “perfect solution” for its growing portfolio of children’s nutritional solutions.

Founded by a US-based Australian doctor, KidzShakeProducts – which are available in powder form in the form of dietary supplements in three types (KidzShake CLASSIC, KidzShake PLUS, KidzShake VEGAN) – are billed as nutrient-rich and are intended to close the nutritional gaps in an unbalanced diet.

The KidzShake CLASSIC formulation contains 15 g protein per serving, 0 g sugar (sweetened with a mixture of monk fruits and stevia), 3.75 g fiber, the prebiotic ingredient VitaFiber and various vitamins and minerals.

The brand also sells SportzPURE (an electrolyte recovery drink in stick-pack form) and KidzSPRINKLES (a daily supplement made from minerals, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber), which are intended to be incorporated into children’s meals.

Plant-based nutrition market for children

The acquisition of KidzShake also provides NGS with an expansion of the herbal nutrition market for children. The plant-based food and beverage sector grew 18% in 2020 (according to the Good Food Institute) and has exceeded demand for organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO products.

“Given the plant-based trend, it is strongly recognized that children on vegan diets have a greater need for nutritional supplements,” said Fendell.

“The vegan-based pediatric nutritional supplement market will be one of the fastest growing sectors for the next three to five years,” he said.

The vegan version of KidzShake is made from pumpkin, hemp and pea protein (a total of 10 g protein) and enriched with fruit and vegetable powder as well as a variety of probiotic strains.

New sales channel

As part of its strategic expansion plan for the USA, NGS has signed a supplier agreement with the US medical distributor Independent Medical Co-op, Inc. (IMCO) for the sale of US products Healthy size, A patented protein shake clinically shownImproving a child’s height without increasing their body mass index (showing that the growth attributed to the consumption of healthy height products was proportional and not obese, researchers from the study published in the Journal of Pediatrics said).

Healthy Height Protein Shakes are available online through the brand’s website and from Amazon and contain 12g of protein and 3g of additional sugar per serving. They are supplemented with vitamins A, C, D, plus calcium, iron and zinc – nutrients needed to support growth. but often poor in children’s nutrition. Healthy high powder protein products also contain 350 mg of arginine per serving. An essential amino acid that the company says is found in small amounts in children with stunted growth.

HealthyHeight - protein-rich shake for children

According to NGS, Healthy Height should be available for distribution in the medical field in the first quarter of 2021.

“The US is an important growth market for NGS,” added Fendell. “Access to the established IMCO sales network in connection with 40 years of experience in sales and marketing offers a new and important sales channel that complements our existing online channel for marketing our products.”

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