Names Greatest Health Software program Corporations of 2021

280, a leading independent review website for online tools, products and services for small business, has announced the best fitness software for 2021. The researchers evaluated systems that provide both core functionality and reporting functionality.

The top solutions were expected to provide tools that fitness workers can use to build customer relationships through attendance tracking, lesson planning, and contract management. The study also looked at systems that provide marketing capabilities for planning and running seasonal campaigns. Additional requirements include reporting capabilities that users can use to measure and improve customer results and overall financial growth.

“Gym studios and health clubs can experience slow seasons with low attendance. Therefore, this software is ideal for managing customer relationships and marketing efforts, ”said Josephine Miller, PR manager at “Our guide aims to educate business owners and professionals alike about the top fitness software and key features.”

The research team conducted a 40-hour evaluation of over 50 solutions. To access the full list of the best fitness software, please visit

Best fitness software of 2021

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