Digital Therapeutics Firm Fitterfly launches Publish COVID Restoration program for individuals with diabetes


Mumbai, India, June 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – During this COVID pandemic, people with comorbid conditions like diabetes will be hardest hit. Diabetes not only increases the risk of developing serious complications from COVID, but it also slows recovery from its effects. The stress, medication, and steroids continue to mess up blood sugar control. In addition, about 14% of people will develop new onset diabetes while recovering from COVID.

With the COVID numbers of 4 lakhs per day and more in the month of May, we will see a large number of post-COVID patients in need of rehabilitation. This is especially true for people with diabetes as they experience a double setback with a higher risk of complications, slower recovery, and large fluctuations in sugar levels due to COVID. People with diabetes who have recently recovered from COVID-19 infection after receiving steroids are also at risk of developing mucormycosis or black yeast infection. Unpublished medical studies have reported that over 80 percent of black yeast infections occur primarily in people with diabetes.

Fitterfly – as digital COVID warriors – have helped add an integrated Post COVID Recovery module to their Diabefly Digital Therapeutics platform for the first few weeks of the program. This expanded program was called the Diabefly PCR (Post COVID Recovery) program in. brought to life May 2021. It is India First such program for people with diabetes, addressing all health aspects affected by COVID – respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, nutrition and psychology. People can use the program from the comfort of their own home through calls, chats, virtual group sessions and webinars.

The program was developed by top doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and psychologists. Top endocrinologists like Dr Sanjay Kalra and dr Tejal Lathia contributed as consultants to the structure and content of the program.

What does the 3-month program include?

  1. Dedicated psychologist advises on how to overcome stress, fear and anxiety
  2. Certified physiotherapist advises on restoring muscle strength, relieving pain, improving mobility and lung capacity.
  3. Personalized nutrition plans that target both diabetes control and immunity and address challenges such as loss of taste and smell.
  4. For the remainder of the program, after a full COVID recovery, focus on diabetes control.
  5. Expert guidance and group therapy and breathing exercises to encourage peer support
  6. Full access to the Fitterfly wellness app and the knowledge base on COVID / diabetes, recipes and resources.

DR Sanjay Kalra, eminent endocrinologist and past President of the Endocrine Society of India said: “People with diabetes need special care after COVID to get their sugar under control faster and to recover from the consequences of COVID. The current health system and doctors are under strain and cannot provide the all-round care that these people need. Digital therapeutic initiatives are welcome to help people recover faster and will go a long way. “

DR Tejal Lathia, Senior Endocrinologist at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, said, “People with post-COVID diabetes need help managing stress, anxiety and anxiety other than focusing on their glycemic control and lifestyle changes. This requires a multidisciplinary planned approach that cannot be provided by a single doctor. Using a digital therapy program can help people through these troubled times. And the nice thing about it is that you don’t have to leave your home. Digital therapeutics tick the top 2 in patient-centered care – holistic approach and easy handling access. “

DR Arbinder Singal, Co-Founder and CEO of Fitterfly, himself a super specialist in surgeons, added, “COVID has derailed glycemic control for people with diabetes and we are seeing a tsunami of emerging diabetes as some of the people from the height of the second wave of the pandemic into the These people urgently need help. Otherwise there is a risk of fungal infections, kidney, eye and nerve damage and they would become a difficult topic for their families to provide support in these difficult times. “

About Fitterfly

Fitterfly is a smart, personal digital therapeutic solution for patients to truly achieve their health goals and results. We offer clinically validated, digitally guided therapy that connects patients, health coaches, and healthcare providers in meaningful ways to enable sustainable behavioral change that is at the core of good health. We achieve transformative results for our patients through personalized, data and coaching-driven behavioral changes via language and digital touchpoints with a user-centered app. The programs are based on glocally accepted, evidence-based protocols and cutting-edge research. We also have the privilege of being the preferred digital therapeutic partner for renowned doctors, organizations and hospitals. Our digital therapy programs complement drugs, medical devices and diagnostic data to work synergistically with partners.


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