Dole Launches Sunshine For All Fund Fueling Innovation To Shut The Gaps On Good Vitamin


Amazing and ever-deteriorating global statistics on nutrition are fueling Dole’s quest for solutions. For example, nearly a quarter of the world’s population is moderately or severely food insecure1 and one third of the world’s food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted2. By partnering with talented innovators, promising startups, and progressive partners, the Fund will fill those gaps in affordability and waste, accessibility and acceptance – all to fulfill Dole’s promise and for people, the planet and our collective prosperity.

“We believe that purpose must permeate every part of the company to address these global challenges – from our business model and the products we make, to how we work with partners, what we advocate and how we are equals World strive, “he said Pier Luigi Sigismondi, President of Dole Packaged Foods Worldwide. “By raising awareness of the global problems we face and investing in the best thinking through this fund, we can ensure that not only our goal is met, but that we are driving concrete solutions and real systemic change today.”

Dole recognizes the need to work with like-minded partners to fight against food injustice around the world. Hence, the company is looking for partners – from entrepreneurs, startups, strategic thinking to social impact companies and NGOs – to bring their expertise in food production, nutrition science, compostable packaging, supply chain, logistics, sustainable agriculture and quick action consumer goods to the table to wear.

“Our work to bring Sunshine for All during the pandemic has reinforced our belief that people come to us when they believe in what we do,” said Barbara Guerpillon, global head of ventures at Dole Packaged Foods and Asia Fresh. “The fund is our signal to the world that we are open to business and that companies find, promote and promote innovations, measures and changes.”

To learn more or to apply for the fund, please visit

About the Dole Promise
In 2020, Dole announced the Dole Promise, with its three pillars of nutrition, sustainability and creating shared value.

  • Better for the people: Access to sustainable nutrition for 1 billion people by 2025, and zero processed sugar in all Dole Packaged Foods products by 2025.
  • Better for the Planet: Work towards zero fruit loss from dole farms to market by 2025 and no fossil plastic packaging by 2025. Work towards net zero carbon emissions from Dole operations by 2030.
  • Better For All Stakeholders: Dole will continue to have a positive impact on all farmers, communities and people who work for Dole through its commitment to equal opportunities, living wages and increasing levels of safety, nutrition and wellbeing. The company also strives to advance human rights within direct operations and supply chains by building a culture of transparency and accountability. The company is also aiming for a 50% increase in value by 2025.

1 World Health Organization: The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World
2 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization: Food Loss and Food Waste

SOURCE Dole Packaged Foods, LLC

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