Dr Freeman dangers dropping licence as tribunal deems health to practise impaired


Former Team Sky and British cycling doctor Richard Freeman are at risk of being struck from the medical register after it was decided on Thursday that his fitness to practice was compromised.

The verdict comes six days after Freeman was found guilty of ordering banned substance testosterone “knowing or believing” it was for a driver.

The tribunal will now decide on a sanction, which can range from the conditions imposed on Freeman to a suspension or, in the worst case, the complete loss of his medical license.

Following the ruling on testosterone delivery, which was central to the General Medical Council’s case against Freeman, the tribunal met again on Wednesday to consider whether its practicality was compromised in light of the results.

“The tribunal took into account that Dr. Freeman included a number of key elements, including serious dishonesty as well as behaviors that could put patients at undue risk of injury. It concluded that if it were not found to be impaired, public confidence in the profession would be undermined, ”the ruling said.

More will follow.