drift rove vent freshener makes use of designer-grade, chemical-free, important oil blended scents » Gadget Move


Make your vehicle fresher and refreshing with the Drift Rove Vent. And you won’t breathe in harsh chemicals either. That’s because this vehicle freshener uses completely chemical-free fragrance blends made from essential oils and fragrances. In fact, the fragrances do not contain parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, DEA, mineral oil, petroleum, dichlorobenzene or propylene. This designer quality car freshener has a black aluminum metal body and uses interchangeable fragrance capsules. So you can swap scents with options like teak, mill, grove, and more. Just turn the rove to check how intense the scent is. The company delivers the fragrances monthly, just when you’re ready for a new car smell. No matter what type of car you have, this ventilation freshener not only looks great, it also makes sure that it smells amazing.