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One method that is becoming increasingly popular due to its powerful results is essential oil diffusers. Not only can these diffusers help relieve symptoms of anxiety and get you to sleep, but they can also help with decongestion, mold and brain fog while your home smells amazing.

The diffusers use heat to convert the oil and water mixture into a vapor that spreads around the room, allowing the essential oils to float through the air.

The results will depend on which essential oil you are using, e.g. B. Lavender for sleeping, sage for stress relief or peppermint for more attention.

Regardless of which oil you choose, you still need to make sure you have a good quality essential oil diffuser so you can get the most out of your blends.

Keep scrolling to see the eight essential oil diffusers express.co.uk recommends helping you get all of its benefits effectively.

The black design makes the diffuser look elegant and fits perfectly into a modern interior.

The portable design makes it easy for you to move from room to room depending on where you want to do aromatherapy at any given time. The seven adjustable colors can be changed depending on your mood.

Size: 400 ml

RRP: £ 59.99, on sale now for £ 26.99 – save £ 33

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This handmade glass diffuser has a 3D fireworks Pater Vase design and fits perfectly into a contemporary design.

Size: 120 ml

RRP: £ 31.99

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This essential oil has an iron exterior that makes it a chic, Moroccan-inspired home accessory that offers up to six hours of aromatherapy.

Size: 500 ml

RRP: £ 49.99

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This diffuser is great value for money because not only do you get a diffuser big enough to run continuously for up to 15 hours, but you also get six pure essential oils to use.

Size: 500 ml

RRP: £ 39.99

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This powerful diffuser is BPA-free and has a running time of up to 16 hours. Your home smells divine all day long and has all of these classic essential oil benefits.

Size: 300 ml

RRP: £ 36.99

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Thanks to the cozy wood grain, this diffuser fits perfectly in every corner of the house. Because it is portable, it can be taken into any room to fill it with aromatherapy benefits.

Size: 400 ml

RRP: £ 25.99

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This diffuser is a great budget-friendly option. It’s on the smaller side of the scale, but it’s still powerful enough to fill the room with essential oil vapor and just takes up much less space.

Size: 100 ml

RRP: £ 19

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The size of the diffuser allows it to last up to 16 hours, so you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy from morning to night.

The diffuser can cover a room up to 300 square feet in size. The remote control function allows you to turn on the lights and fog power from anywhere in the room.

Size L 500 ml

RRP: £ 23.59

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