El Paso enterprise expands platform of merchandise ranging from handmade soaps, important oils


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A local company that makes natural oils and soaps has expanded its product platform, which continues to be entirely handcrafted.

Instagram: @healing_earth_oils

Healing Earth Oils sells handcrafted cold soaps, essential oils, creams, lotions, and more. The products are fortified with various herbs such as mint, rosemary, basil, lavender and others that naturally help relieve congestion, inflammation and pain.

“To be able to give someone some security by using my herb that will help them with anxiety and arthritis,” said Robert Gabriel Martinez, owner / manufacturer of Healing Earth Oils, “The vision is to be able to get massage therapy and use hydrotherapy with water, which can also be another way of transferring the medicinal properties of rosemary, for example, into the bloodstream through heat. “

Martinez started the business in 2016 and has since developed his craft skills to make products that continue to serve healing clay oils such as concrete soap dishes, concrete pots and pot stands.

Instagram: @healing_earth_oils

Several companies, including massage therapists, use Martinez’s natural oils and soap products in their stores such as Noble House in Central El Paso.

While working with businesses in El Paso and setting up stores at farmers’ markets, Martinez said his long-term goal is to open a place similar to a retreat center where people can relax and have a holistic experience.

“The vision is to have a place like a retreat center where someone can go into a mud hut and spend a night there,” said Martinez. “Pray, do a retreat and go to a sauna or bath” water where they are soaked in rosemary, basil, lavender. Where you can read a book when you want to relax and relieve stress. “

Instagram: @healing_earth_oils

Recently, Martinez has learned new welding and pottery techniques, like replicating pottery shapes with rubber.

You can try Healing Earth Oils on Instagram @healing_earth_oils, on the Facebook page or on the website www.healingearthoils.com.

Healing Earth Oils products will be featured at the Saturday market on June 12th from 10am to 5pm in Socorro at Casa Ortiz (10167 Socorro Rd.).

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