Espa introduces fragrant diffuser with soothing important oil assortment to nurture wellbeing


Espa, a skin care brand specializing in natural and wellness products, has unveiled a brand new aromatic essential oil diffuser pod that brings a sense of wellbeing to modern day life.

The slim and elegant diffuser uses ultrasonic vibration and adds refreshing aromas to the air to balance body and mind with a mist that suits the mood of the user.

This diffuser also contains a softly glowing light, which makes it a perfect meditation accompaniment or a subtle night light.

To accompany the market launch, Espa presented a range of aromatic essential oils that contain favorites from the Signature Blend collection: calming, energizing, positive and relaxing.

Daniel Golby, Espa GM explained that these oils can also be used for a relaxing bath or as a carrier oil for a full body massage.

He added, “Our new diffuser has been beautifully designed to create a peaceful sanctuary at home and release just the right amount of fragrant vapor to harmonize the powers of each of the blends on offer.”