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This tiny set of electric pump and vacuum bag is now suitable for spring cleaning and drives later

I went on my last international vacation almost a year ago. I usually go to Rio de Janeiro every spring because I love the energy of the city and the shopping is pretty amazing too. I especially like the Farm Rio brand, which has different styles there than in the US. That’s why I’m always sure that I can stock up on the season’s colorful pieces before I return to America. If I had known that this would be my last trip to Brazil by 2022, I would have bought more clothes than me. . . But I bought one before I left, without which I will never travel again. I had already bought Space Saver vacuum bags for my small Manhattan apartment and when I was wearing sheets to leave with my family in the Caribbean. In both cases, I used a suitable Dyson vacuum to evacuate all of the air and didn’t have to worry about sealing bags for a return flight. But when I was looking for a more portable alternative before my last trip, I discovered a small USB electric pump on Amazon that came with eight pockets that fit perfectly in a hand luggage. Could I possibly pack all of my new purchases in my suitcase without flying there with an almost empty one in preparation? I ordered the set and packed it, and off I went. See how well that turned out. Related: These Are The 50 Affordable Products You Shouldn’t Travel Without