Free Washington County health program takes folks from sofa to 5K


When Arica Burger signed up for Fitness Lovers of Washington County, she was overweight and unhealthy.

Five years later she runs regularly and places in 10 km races – all because of FLOWCo.

“I started participating in FLOWCo in 2016 to learn how to run better and properly,” said Burger. “FLOWCo provided a good workout routine that gradually and safely built my stamina.”

The program is a Washington County Wellness Initiative project sponsored by the City of Bartlesville, Ascension St. John Jane Phillips, and the Washington County Health Department.

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Arica Burger shows her second medal at the Bartlesville KLife Run the 'Ville 10K.

The fall season begins August 17th at 6pm on Lee Lake.

The program is part of an overarching effort to improve Washington County’s poor rankings for health behaviors and outcome statistics.

The Couch-to-5K program is open to all ages and fitness levels and is aimed at anyone who wants to exercise, become more part of a close community, and achieve better overall health.

“The program leaders will divide you into mentor-led groups based on your current level of physical activity and stamina. It’s structured and encouraging for everyone, ”said Burger. “We are really like family. I’ve been a mentor of FLOWCo for several years and it’s really a piece of my heart. “

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Arica burger

Participants will be able to complete a 5K by the end of the 12-week season, she said.

“We’ll encourage you to safely build your stamina, and by the end of this session you’ll complete a 3-mile route,” said Burger. “You may go most of the way, but you will be able to achieve this goal with the help of many friends.”

Burger said it was important – right now – to have a schedule to get up and move your body.

And the FLOWCo leaders ensure that the participants gradually and safely improve their stamina.

“If your goal is to lose or hold weight, reduce stress, lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease or diabetes, relieve your arthritis pain, go out and enjoy the outdoors, or meet new people and have fun , FLOWCo can help get there, ”said Tyler Cunningham, exercise physiologist at Ascension St. John Jane Phillips.

To learn more about the FLOWCo program, attend an information and registration meeting on August 10th at 6:00 p.m. in the classroom on the first floor of Ascension St. John Jane Phillips, 3500 SE Frank Phillips Blvd.