From Mexican Road Corn to One-Pot Creamy Taco Pasta with Black Beans: Our High Eight Vegan Recipes of the Day!


Ready, set, recipes! Here are our just released freshly made recipes in one convenient place! These are the best vegan recipes of the day, and are now among the thousands of recipes on ours Food Monster App! Our latest recipes include Mexican street corn and taco noodles. So if you’re looking for something new and tasty, these recipes are for you!

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1. Spreadable herbal cashew hemp cheese

Source: Spreadable Herbal Cashew Hemp Cheese

Who says great cheese can’t be plant-based? This creamy, dreamy, spreadable herbal cashew hemp cheese by Charlie Rioux is made from raw cashew nuts and hemp seeds and flavored with fresh herbs and a hint of lemon juice. It’s a perfect spread for crackers, sandwiches, bagels or a dip for vegetables.

2. Mexican street corn

Vegan Mexican street corn

Source: Mexican street corn

Bring the heart of Mexico right into your kitchen with none other than this Mexican street corn from Mitch and Justine Chapman. Think of sweet, salty, flavorful, and tangy flavors, all of which are packaged into delicious elotes!

3. Creamy taco noodles with a saucepan and black beans

Vegan creamy stew taco noodles with black beans

Source: Stew Creamy Taco Noodles with Black Beans

This creamy black bean stew taco pasta by Maggie Wescott with black beans is a simple and healthy weekday dinner. The noodles are cooked in enchilada sauce, onions, garlic and paprika and then tossed with yogurt for a deliciously creamy sauce. This stew recipe will quickly become your new favorite!

4.Misir Wot (Ethiopian Lentil Stew)

Vegan Misir Wot (Ethiopian Lentil Stew)

Source: Misir Wot (Ethiopian Lentil Stew)

Misir Wot (Ethiopian lentil stew) by Denise Perrault transforms red lentils into an incredibly fragrant and aromatic plant-based eating experience.

5. Citrus turmeric smoothie

Vegan citrus turmeric smoothie

Source: Citrus Turmeric Smoothie

This citrus turmeric smoothie from Ashley Smyczek is bright and colorful and full of nutrients!

6. Falafel wraps with avocado salsa

Vegan falafel wraps with avocado salsa

Source: Falafel Wraps with Avocado Salsa

The falafel wraps with avocado salsa by Julie Van den Kerchove are filled with romaine lettuce, quinoa, avocado salsa and butternut squash falafel and refined with a generous portion of tahini sauce. If you’re not a quinoa fanatic, you can just add a little more avocado. Feed the entire dish the way you want and you can’t go wrong! And if you prepare your falafel, tahini sauce, and avocado salsa beforehand, putting them together takes less than a minute !!

7. Perfect green smoothie

Vegan green perfect smoothie

Source: Perfect Green Smoothie

This Green Smoothie Parfait by Mitra Shirmohammadi not only looks fantastic, it tastes fantastic too! It has amazing nutrients and will keep you full and satisfied!

8. Spring green fennel salad

Vegan spring green fennel salad

Source: Spring Green Fennel Salad

This spring green fennel salad from Deena Mehta is a delicious, healthy salad that is quick and easy to make!

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