FX Sport Four Is Trek’s Carbon Fiber Health Bike. Filled with Goodies and Below $2K


The two-wheeled gem you see is known as the 2021 FX Sport Carbon 4. As the name suggests, it is a carbon bike. Both the frame and the fork use this coveted material. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg to acquire. This bike currently rides in for a price of just $ 1,784.99. Yes, in 2021, that’s all the money you need to get yourself some boastful rights.

But bragging rights only go so far? I don’t think you came here by accident so read on. The first component to consider when considering a bike, be it electric or not, is the frame. As promised, Trek has an OCLV 400 series carbon frame that produces a bike, components, and everything that weighs 9.55 kg (21.06 lb). Sure, not the lightest carbon bike out there, but how far did you think the price would take you? To please your carbon tooth, the fork also uses FX-Carbon. Internal cable routing, flat mount washer and hidden fender mounts are standard.

The lack of suspension on the bike tells you one thing: it is not meant to ever leave asphalt. Maybe if you put a few gravel hoops on top, maybe. But a lack of suspension is something you want when driving asphalt. Why? Simple, no power is lost when pedaling. Everything is transferred to the rear wheel.

Ok, so I wasn’t being completely honest about this bike’s lack of suspension. Aside from the fact that the wheels are a source of cushioning, Trek surprised everyone by adding an IsoSpeed ​​to the frame construction. What is an IsoSpeed? To keep it short and sweet, this little gimmick is Trek’s solution for bikes without suspension.

At the back of the top tube, where the seat tube and seat stay also meet, a damping system decouples the seat tube from the top tube so that it can bend just enough to avoid some bumps and vibrations and the rider stays fresher longer. Drive harder, drive faster. Hmmm, maybe that could be Trek’s next motto. This team also produces a front iso, but the component is more reserved for the top shelf parts.

The bike itself is viewed by the team as a fitness bike, whatever that “fitness” bike means. In all honesty, almost any bike can be a fitness bike, depending on your riding style. Heck, I know people who are crazy enough to run down a cruiser when they need their adrenaline rush.

An 11-speed setup is provided for one drive train. Behind this is none other than Shimano. An SLX M7000 cassette, GRX RX812 front derailleur, and RS700 shifter ensure smooth shifting while keeping some cash in your pocket. Braking is also covered by Shimano with a pair of 160mm rotors with MT201 brakes that replenish the braking power. For everything else, there’s Bontrager. Rims, tires, seat post, handlebars, grips, stem … should I continue?

Personally, I think it’s a decent bike, just right for someone looking to improve their exercise routine. Who knows, maybe this bike will give you a feel for what the cycling world has to offer, and in four years time I’ll be writing an article about how your triathlon career began with an FX Sport 4. You may need to change these handles though.