Girl left observe on 22-year-old’s grave studying ‘hahaha, seems like diabetes gained’


A woman was jailed after she destroyed the grave of a young man with diabetes with the words “Ha Ha Ha Liam. Looks like diabetes has recovered”.

25-year-old Simona Julius stained Liam Scarman’s tombstone with paint and devastated his family.

Liam died of diabetes on Boxing Day in 2017 at the age of 22 after suffering from diabetic hypo.

Julius wrote the words “P * ssyhole bruv” in color on the grave and left a note that read “Ha Ha Ha Liam. Looks like diabetes has recovered”.

It’s unclear why she did it – but his family previously said they suspected the perpetrator was linked to a former love rival.

It carried out the attack overnight between November 26th and 27th last year.

Liam Scarman’s destroyed grave

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She was jailed in Bristol Magistrates Court on Wednesday for eight weeks for damaging the headstone at Westerleigh Crematorium in Bristol.

She had admitted criminal harm and two cases of malicious communications at a previous hearing.

She was also ordered to pay the family £ 500 in damages and issued a three-year restraining order.

District Judge Lynne Matthews described Julius’ actions as “confusing” and “evil” and “right in the heart” of the family.

The crimes, shortly before Liam’s three-year anniversary in December 2017, caused great distress to his family.

In a personal statement in court, Liam’s mother Sue Witt described how Julius’ actions “took over” the lives of family members.

Liam Scarman's destroyed grave

Liam Scarman’s destroyed grave

She said, “Losing a child is the worst grief you can imagine. It has engulfed my life.

“After I found out that someone had damaged Liam’s grave, he intensified all of those emotions and reversed the progress I had made in dealing with his death.

“‘I think people wonder what kind of person Liam was, how terrible he must have been for someone to damage his grave the way they did when in reality everyone who knew him loved him.

“I never knew he would do anything bad or terrible to anyone. I don’t understand why she did it.”

Some of the notes were addressed to Liam’s father, plumber and heating engineer Trevor Scarman, 65, who said in his statement, “When I found out that Liam’s tombstone had been destroyed, I had a numb feeling that went through my body. My first Reaction was why?

The tragic Liam Scarman died on Boxing Day in 2017

The tragic Liam Scarman died on Boxing Day in 2017

“Why had someone damaged it? Why was Liam’s only being targeted? How anyone can write such disgusting things about my son I just can’t believe.

“The physical damage has been repaired, but the emotional damage will take much longer to repair.

“It’s like someone sticking a knife and twisting it. Our family is completely upset.

“When I committed such criminal damage along with hideous notes on myself, I felt devastated.”

Investigator PC Kyle Maywood at said, “I’m glad we identified the culprit and brought relief to the family, but Julius never answered the question of what motivated them to do this and cause so much suffering.” .

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“I hope the phrase will help Liam’s family move this behind so that they can remember him as their beloved son and brother, rather than Julius’ hateful actions.

“I also hope that the case gives other victims of hate crimes with disabilities the confidence to report incidents to us.”

PC Maywood added, “I would like to thank the members of the public who have provided important information after seeing and calling the calls for information.”

Liam, who worked in insurance sales, died at his father’s house in Winterbourne Down, Glos while living with his brother Oliver and girlfriend.