Goldfish is chasing a brand new demographic: Grown-ups | Recipes, Meals and Cooking Suggestions


“Nostalgia has been and still is huge with snacking and providing a sense of comfort, especially over the past two years,” Janda Lukin, chief marketing officer at Campbell Snacks, told CNN Business. “With Mega Bites, we’re offering adult consumers – many of whom grew up eating goldfish – a new way to experience their beloved snack.”

Adult flavors and cocktail pairs

In 1962, Pepperidge Farm launched Goldfish in the United States. Initially, the snacks were aimed at adults: the crackers were marketed as bar snacks from an early age, says Lukin. Julia Child, she noted, had always paired Goldfish with her upside down martinis.

However, goldfish has been marketed as a snack for children since the 1990s. But adults never stopped eating them.

In fact, “about 47% of Goldfish buyers have no children in their homes,” said Lukin. “We’re taking this opportunity and we’re committed to expanding our audiences and becoming a popular brand among adults,” she said.

To appeal to adult consumers, Goldfish has experimented with spicy flavors.

In the spring, Goldfish teamed up with Franks’ RedHot to develop a line of limited-time Goldfish with hot sauce. And in September it introduced another limited-time spicy flavor, Jalapeño Popper. This item was brought to market in collaboration with JNCO, the maker of the extra wide jeans popular in the 90s, to increase the nostalgia factor.