GreenAir Child-Pleasant Important Oil Diffusers Profit Youngsters Throughout Reopening of Faculties


Studies have shown that when used carefully and carefully, aromatherapy can help children feel calmer and sleep better. Essential oils are also known to help with allergies, nausea, sore throats, respiratory support, and immune support.

Paul W. Prince, CEO of GreenAir, recognizes children’s needs for comfort and health support during these troubled times. “Just like us adults, children have felt the stressful effects of living in the pandemic. Isolation and insecurity can be difficult for them to deal with, ”said Paul Prince. Aromatherapy has been shown to provide a sense of calm and relaxation, and GreenAir offers kid-friendly essential oil diffusers that make aromatherapy both relaxing and fun for children.

The Creature Comforts line has four adorable, whimsical diffusers that will fill your child’s room with aromatherapy for up to 8 hours. Choose from four playful designs: Jax the frog, Lulu the duck, Rosie the pig or Mimi the cat. Green Air also offers interactive aromatherapy diffusers with a projected light show and free ambient music, plus 12 hours of healthy mist – the perfect companion for relaxing before bed. Choose between Queenie the Unicorn or Sleepy Puppy.

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