Greenfields Out of doors Health: No Larger Calling


Sam Mendelsohn has been drawn to nature since childhood.

“Green spaces kept calling me to go outside and just go,” he said. “As far as I can remember, I spent as much time outdoors as possible. As a child, I was allowed to be outside until dark… In adulthood, one of my greatest joys was spending time in the mountains, from camping to hiking to climbing. “

When he saw the opportunity to bring fitness to outdoor spaces, he plunged in and Greenfields Outdoor Fitness was born. “As a result, we have been able to positively influence the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every day,” said Mendelsohn. “Outdoor gyms have become heavily used public facilities, and right now with the pandemic, they have become necessary.”

Based in Orange County, California, Greenfields offers a variety of exterior trim options that have been tested in environments from Alaska to Miami. Greenfields’ mission to “Promote Wellness and Fight Obesity One Community at a Time” powers everything the company pursues.

According to Mendelsohn, Greenfields offers a wider range of outdoor fitness equipment than anyone else in the industry. In this way, the company can offer practice opportunities to the entire student body of a university. Every background, every fitness level does not matter – Greenfields can fulfill it.

In the center of Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

While functionality, diversity and longevity are the keys to the success of greenfields, the company’s desire to make fitness accessible to everyone is at the fore. This heart drives everything Greenfields does, just like the leisure professional on campus.

“Our primary goal is not to manufacture and sell a product, but to serve people and improve their lives,” said Mendelsohn.

However, this focus requires adaptation to the evolving needs of the culture and fitness community. For example, Mendelsohn has shared in the past that you would find simple exercise stations placed next to outdoor paths. They usually provided exercises like pull-ups and dips. However, he said as society became more sedentary, fewer people were able to use traditional outdoor fitness equipment.

“The Fit will take a park bench and turn it into a gym. We need activities that challenge these users and provide an environment that is welcoming, approachable and not intimidating to the uninitiated, ”he said. “There are many students who come to campus with experience in college sports, and for them the gym and recreation center will be a welcoming place. However, there are also those with little to no athletic background who entering an indoor gym may feel apprehensive. “

And Greenfields has met this need for better accessibility. The Legacy series is a good example. Mendelsohn described it as the “gateway” to an outdoor gym. It works with the leverage of body weight and feels like a playground. The intimidation factor is low, so users can build confidence to try more demanding activities one day.

Accessible equipment for everyone

But Greenfields doesn’t just make fitness accessible to new athletes. The company also has its patented Signature Accessible line, which was introduced in 2012. Mendelsohn said that people with physical disabilities are often asked to find workouts that suit their individual needs. Your goal with this line is to meet the fitness needs of people with reduced mobility. In fact, Paralympian Jennifer French is the line’s spokesperson and is working with Greenfields to develop more units for wheelchair users.

“Greenfields has taken the lead in developing fitness equipment for people with disabilities that enables them to exercise not just in the same area but on the same units as people without physical disabilities,” said Mendelsohn. “In locations with a disabled population that is too small for adaptive team sports, this is a great way to encourage physical activity without the disconnection that team sports typically entail.”

The spokeswoman for the Signature Accessible Line, Paralympian Jennifer French.

With the various options available, Greenfields reduces roadblocks to exercises. Mendelsohn said that they specifically want to overcome obstacles such as lack of motivation, intimidation factor, indoor climate, costs, exercise alone and fear of injury.

But Mendelsohn said they recognize that there is no one size fits all. As such, they offer bespoke and unique fitness areas to suit the needs of any project. The Greenfields team pride themselves on offering bespoke solutions based on demographics, budget, distance and more.

Plus, they adapt to the ever-changing industry. Mendelsohn said that after starting CrossFit, they started developing fitness equipment for functional fitness workouts. And in 2020 they started the obstacle course and X-TREME NINJA courses with challenges like cheese walls and breadboards.

Above expectations

It is worthwhile for Mendelsohn to go further. This also includes doing the same with your team. He said that while Greenfields indirectly improves lives by helping professionals on campus help those they serve, it is working directly to directly improve the lives of its employees. Whether it’s monthly employee recognition lunches or annual employee recognition day, employees get a paid day off and go on a fun outing – he wants to show his team that they are the key to greenfields success.

“In the end, it’s about valuing people and using their talents, skills and resources to make the world a better place,” he said. “We have a great team that does a great job and we enjoy working with them every day. For me, the perfect job is to pursue a goal that you can truly leave behind, and to pursue that goal with people who are not only your co-workers, but also trusted friends. “

Mendelsohn said he had spent a decade serving the industry through Greenfield’s outdoor fitness. And they were the most fulfilling years of his professional life. He’s humble, excited, and grateful for the opportunity Greenfields offers him every day.

“Seeing faces light up when they try a new unit and realizing that it’s really fun to hear stories from people who didn’t have to exercise anywhere until they installed a fitness zone nearby to see customers keep going Coming back This day is really worth it because of the quality product and the great service they receive, ”he said. “There is no greater calling than building something that will help communities become healthier.”