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Anytime Fitness on Main Street shows how people stay active and healthy in Whitewater during the pandemic. Whenever fitness has a great showing in town to be a clean and safe gym. It brings in more members every day and grows overall.

“About twice as many members since the New Year. A promotional event that ran for New Years was that you could attend for a dollar. (First month only) One dollar sign up bonus is valid through March 8th. Another promotional event they run is a free week-long trial to get comfortable in the gym and get to know the members before they join. This is great for people with purpose or who just want to get healthier by exercising. One clue if you plan to work out at this gym is that the rush hour is 3: 30-4: 30, ”an Anytime Fitness representative told Tanner Conn of the recent gym admission.

Conn also enjoys a healthy lifestyle himself by developing and maintaining positive relationships with members of the gym. Striking a good work-life balance is important when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Anytime machines and dumbbells are a big deal when it comes to your facility. There were many members in every area of ​​equipment and machinery. There’s something that sets this gym apart from the rest of Whitewater.

“It’s so timely and I can go whenever I want,” said a member for two years, Luca Petrogalli, about why he chose this gym over the others here in Whitewater.

When asked about his health, Petrogalli said that in addition to lifting weights, he was also eating very healthy. Petrogalli’s favorite dishes, if health in mind, are chicken breasts and vegetables. This combination can lead to a healthier lifestyle and improve mental health. His main goal while attending Anytime is to maintain overall health.

Whenever fitness is a great place for health, there are many devices that are socially distant. Health is one of their top priorities with disinfection zones and a mask policy. It’s a great place to get off the couch and move around. They also have extremely friendly staff and members. For more information on Anytime Fitness, call 262-472-0888 or visit Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.