Health Boxing 2 Has Been Up to date To Model 1.0.3, Here is What’s Included


Maybe if you want to start your year healthy Fitness boxing 2 might be worth a look. 500,000 units were sold over the Christmas season, and there were even some free DLCs to celebrate this milestone.

If that’s not enough, the game has now been updated to version 1.0.3. While there is no new content as such, this latest patch includes a number of general fixes to ensure players get the best training possible. Here are the full patch notes:

General corrections

Fixed an issue with the function of transferring backup data from the previous title (Fit Boxing) where calendar stamps or number of consecutive days were not transferred sufficiently.
Fixed a display issue with Body Age.
Fixed some places where instructors were giving inconsistent instructions.
Fixed a bug with calories burned when playing with player 2.
Fixed a bug with the number of consecutive days that resulted from setting the time for changing the date.
Fixed instructor outfits.

If you’re still not sure if this is the right fitness game for you, you can download a free demo from the Switch eShop before actually buying the game. Find out more about it in our previous post.

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