Health coach shares why relaxation days are an ‘essential a part of any train routine’


Prominent fitness trainer Namrata Purohit shared on Instagram why a day off is just as important as training.

“I feel like something is not being talked about enough. Why rest? It is so important, and it is actually when your muscles start building and (you) start to see a difference. It’s important to the mind and body, ”she wrote.

She pointed out the following reasons:

* Relieves muscle pain and sore muscles: On a rest day, the body has the opportunity to remove excess lactate from the muscles, which reduces muscle pain.

* Repairs and builds muscles: Exercise can cause microscopic tears in muscle tissue. During rest days, cells called fibroblasts repair and build muscle tissue.

* Refills the body’s energy stores: Exercise lowers glycogen levels, a form of energy stored in muscles, which leads to muscle fatigue. On rest days, the glycogen stores are replenished, fatigue is reduced and the muscles are prepared for the next workout.

* Prevents injuries: Overexertion can lead to repeated strain on the muscles and increase the risk of injury.

* Let the mind come to rest: Overexertion can also tire the mind, which can lead to poor decision-making during an exercise routine, increasing the risk of injury.

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