Health Fridays | Upcoming Occasions in San Diego


Get your fitness and wellness moving at the start of this new year. Instructor Lisa Griffiths will walk you through a combination of a 30-minute bodyweight fitness area (excluding equipment) and a 30-minute gentle / yin yoga section. We support you to feel good, to train effectively and to be outside in nature!

Beginners are very welcome. You are encouraged to participate in all of your skills. The trainer gives three levels of training intensity from beginner to advanced. The biggest challenge for most people who are new or getting fit again is getting themselves in the door – or in our case the garden gate! Try it out and we’ll learn together.

The first 30 minutes of the class are fitness based and the last 30 minutes are yin yoga stretching and lengthening. The instructor invites you to attend either part of the lesson or the full hour. Get What You Need!