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Health guru promotes wholesome way of life in Gainesville with Xtreme Hip Hop class


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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Taking the steps and getting the groove on at the same time sounds fun, but Xtreme Hip Hop with brandy is more than breaking a sweat, it’s about breaking barriers.

Xtreme Hip Hop with Brandy Garner kicked off in early 2021 during a pandemic.

“We started very small just to get a feel for what it would be like.”

She hopes to fight obesity step by step.

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The high-speed class grew in customer base. Now that she has lost 20 pounds herself, she teaches the class in her own studio twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

“When friends ask me how I stay fit, I tell them I’m going to the gym,” Garner said. “Not everyone likes going to the gym, they feel intimidated and I came across extreme hip-hop on Facebook. Everyone just loved the class and it has been building up ever since. “

Christel Lewis said she and her daughter had been addicted to class since their first session in August. The class relieves stress with every stroke, even for Garner’s youngest clients like 13-year-old Kyleigh Lewis.

“The exercise is kind of a break from homework, usually sometimes after school,” said Kyleigh Lewis. “I’m really enjoying it.”

Garner’s goal is to push people and help them achieve their goals.

“And hopefully you will help them lead healthier lifestyles and encourage them to feel that fitness is fun and not just a chore they want to eat healthily and gain confidence like me,” said Garner.

According to the CDC, more than 28 percent of the people in Florida are obese. For African Americans, the number is even higher at around 35 percent.

Christel said she hoped this course will teach Kyleigh to break down barriers, especially the poor health in the black community.

“It is important to take care of your body,” said Christel. “We believe our body is our temple and we need to take care of these things, and it is incredible encouragement that Brandy is a black woman who is a fitness guide and community fitness guru.”

Xtreme Hip Hop with Brandy is located at 501 Northwest 23rd Ave. in Gainesville. The next course is on Saturday. To register, click here.

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