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Four areas of movement for physical health

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Randi man

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May 18, 2021 • • 44 minutes ago • • Read for 3 minutes • • Join the conversation Teddy SavageTeddy Savage Photo by Planet FItness

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We now know that physical fitness is a journey. But are there some general best practices, regardless of where we are in our journey, to guide our daily activities? According to Teddy Savage, director of health and fitness at Planet FitnessThere are four areas of motion that we can do every day to promote physical health.

One of the best methods of assessing physical fitness is to start with using specific measuring instruments. This includes documenting our ability to move, our energy level, our flexibility, the fit of our clothing and other factors that do not correspond to the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale.

“Stay off the BMI scale and even a regular scale,” says Savage. According to the BMI scale, which only takes height and weight into account for measurement, Savage is overweight. It certainly isn’t.

A normal scale also does not provide an accurate picture of physical fitness. Muscle weighs more than fat, so a regular scale can be deceiving. Instead, opt for a smart scale that connects to your phone. Smart scales can record body composition such as bone mass, fat mass and water percentage. Many smart scales also have a pregnancy mode, including the extremely well-rated ones Withings Body + Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale ($ 129.99).


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Withings Body Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale Withings Body Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale Photo from Amazon

There are four general categories of fitness; Aerobics, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. Savage talks about four daily movements that can aid these fitness areas: dynamic stretching, weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and static stretching. They are all equally important.

In the morning – dynamic routes

When we first wake up, our bodies thirst for dynamic stretching (stretching through movement). Dynamic stretching can help relieve tension that has built up overnight. It also prepares our bodies for the rest of the day by increasing blood flow.

Try dynamic stretching for 10 minutes and see how you feel. Planet Fitness divides some dynamic routes into This video as part of their United We Move campaign.

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During the day – strength training

Weight training includes anything that challenges our muscles, but it doesn’t mean we have to use weights. This can include squats, core exercises, and pushups. Savage says we should work our pull and push muscles. The pull group includes back, biceps, thigh, oblique, and trapezius muscles. The push group includes chest, triceps, quadriceps, calf, and shoulder muscles.

When we add weights to our workouts, we add load that uses more energy (as opposed to doing the same movement without adding weight). Savage recommends a few Kettlebells (from USD 24.45) as a solid functional accessory.


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Resistance bands ($ 15.99) are also a great way to add weight to your movements (although they hardly weigh anything).

During the day – cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular activity is anything that increases your heartbeat per minute (BPM). There are so many movements that can increase our heart rate. Some examples are cycling, swimming, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), running, walking, rowing, and dancing.

You can measure your heart rate zone and other data points with smartwatches and fitness trackers like Advanced Fitbit Sense ($ 381.02).

Teddy Savage Teddy Savage Photo from Planet Fitness

Before bed – static stretching

Before you go to sleep, enjoy static stretching (stretching without moving). Static stretching releases lactic acid and prepares our body for rest and recovery. These stretches not only add flexibility and mobility, but also help prevent injuries. For these reasons, static stretching can also help improve the quality of sleep. Planet Fitness divides some static stretches into This video.

Belts ($ 19.99) are a great accessory to add to the depth of a route. They are suitable for all levels of flexibility as they help us level up on our personal journeys.

“When it comes to your fitness and wellness journey, it’s your journey,” says Savage. That said, don’t judge yourself by other people (a special note on social media). You are the one doing the work and you can enjoy your results.

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