Highway Journeys Are On The Rise In 2021 And These Necessities Are All You Want


We cover the most important safety issues in today’s road trip world, as well as some things you may not even know existed.

It’s road trip season! At least it will now be the case that spring is finally in session – officially according to the calendar – and the temperatures are warming up. When the leaves on the trees grow back and the flowers bud again, it is a sign that all things are being reborn and brought back to life, just as hopefully our wanderlust will soon be again. With vaccines currently at the forefront of the pandemic, the next thing we may worry about is how we can feel safe and comfortable during the road trips we all have planned for later this year and next.

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These basic requirements are everything everyone needs for a comfortable and safe short or long distance trip, right down to the car pillows and soothing scents.

Emergency car kit

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There’s nothing really exciting about this first entry on the road trip list, but it’ll come in handy in an emergency … hence the name. The emergency car kit can contain anything from jumper cables to roadside torches. Before you get behind the wheel for a road trip, it’s important to have one of these in your trunk just in case. It is better to be prepared than to fall short.

Dashboard phone stand and charger

The dashboard phone stand is greatly underestimated when driving on the road. There doesn’t seem to be a need to spend $ 20-30 just on a stand that your phone will sit on, but trust it from the road trip experts – it helps. The few seconds of taking a driver’s eyes off the road to look down at their phone can be disastrous instead of quickly glancing aside to check the GPS.

Road atlas

Speaking of GPS, a road atlas is another thing that seems a little useless in 2021. Anyone who has ever been caught in the middle of nowhere with no service and a dead single knows the power of an Atlas can do it. ‘not to be underestimated. It’s a good last resort when the alert is sounding and is sometimes far more reliable than a satellite controlled GPS.

First aid kit

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For the same reason that an emergency car kit is required, there should always be a first aid kit in the car – not on the street. Most cars these days come with first aid kits in the glove box, but this should not be taken as a fact. Always check this one more time. You never know when you might find yourself in a position where you need a band-aid or gauze.

A car seat travel pillow

Another thing that should never be underestimated is the level of comfort a travel pillow can provide. There are a lot of guys out there, but there are some gems out there too, and if you can find one that wraps around your seat belt, you’re going to experience some serious R&R if you’re just a passenger.

Bracelets to relieve nausea

Sea band braceletsabout business insiders

The claims are that they work and it is much easier to take than motion sickness medication. These bracelets sit directly over a nerve responsible for orientation and successfully suppress the feeling of nausea that often accompanies motion sickness, such as sitting in a car for long periods of time.

Roll-on essential oils

roll up essential oilvia Shutterstock

Another clean calming technique is to use an essential oil to curl up. If you’re prone to anxiety in the car or just find yourself feeling a little more excited than usual, essential oils like lavender or chamomile can help calm and calm you down. CBD oil is also incredibly helpful in calming down anxiety.

Hand sanitizer

At this point, wearing hand sanitizer should be a given for almost everyone. If it doesn’t, now is the perfect time to get used to taking it with you everywhere. You can find hand sanitizer these days in literally any smell or shape, including key chains that can easily be attached to a travel bag or backpack.

Laundry bag

A good hack for road trips is to bring a laundry bag, preferably one that folds up. This prevents dirty laundry from building up in your (clean) suitcase or travel bag and makes home washing even easier.

Cooler for snacks and drinks

Water in a coolervia Shutterstock

If it’s a long drive then a cooler is an absolute must. Sure, you could toss some bottled water in the back with no cooler and ice packs, but if you’re out in the summer, you get warm (or even hot) water. A cooler also allows travelers to bring snacks beyond the range of protein and granola bars.

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