How Does Diabetes Have an effect on Eye Well being?


Attention to the eyes in diabetics

Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Şeyda Atabay said diabetes also causes significant eye damage.

Specialist in eye diseases Op. Dr. ydeyda Atabay said, “As with many diseases, diabetes is sometimes first diagnosed by eye disease specialists. By the way, during routine eye exams, we find the damage caused by diabetes in the fundus scan, which is called the fundus, ”he said.

“Damage to retinal vessels can blind you”

Emphasize that diabetes damages the vessels in the retinal layer (retinal layer), which occupies a very important place in the visual process in the fundus, Op. Dr. Atabay: Retinal layer retention is known as diabetic retinopathy. Damage to the retinal vessels can lead to edema (pooling) in the macula (center of vision), which can slowly and gradually impair vision. Apart from that, there may be sudden loss of vision by bleeding into the eye. Apart from the damage to the retinal layer, cataracts and visual disturbances can also occur at a young age.

The most important factor in the disease is high blood sugar levels. Dr. Atabay: It’s the rapid changes in blood sugar levels and the duration of the illness. The onset of diabetic retinopathy usually occurs as small bubbles in the vessels. In a patient diagnosed at this level, we can reverse the disease through blood sugar regulation and diet. However, the patient who comes to the visual center where severe bleeding begins, at the level where edema has developed, will definitely require additional treatment. The treatments to be performed here cannot fully correct the disease, only slow it down, ”he said.

If the patient has additional high blood pressure and high cholesterol problems, the diabetic retinopathy can progress faster and cause more damage to the eye. Dr. Atabay said, “In cases where damage to the fundus begins, laser treatments are performed on the eye and injections of drugs to reduce vascularization and reduce edema. In the more advanced stages of the disease, profuse bleeding from the eye fluid and vascular problems in the front surface of the eye may develop. The treatments to be performed during these periods are more aggressive surgical procedures. Depending on the degree of disease, people with diabetes should have an ophthalmologist perform fundus scans at regular intervals. Many tests, such as fundus angiography, should be done as the disease progresses.