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From oral care and nutritional supplements to running shoes, exercise clothing and electric bikes, Insider Reviews tests and evaluates all kinds of health, fitness and outdoor products. For nearly five years, the team has tested hundreds of products, including products such as electric toothbrushes, sex toys, thermometers, blood glucose meters, fitness trackers, massage guns, and teeth whiteners. Our goal is to provide honest and truthful recommendations about what people use every day to manage their health, wellbeing, and fitness.

In addition to research and testing, the health, fitness, and outdoor team’s reporting is supported by insights, advice, and advice from doctors, nutritionists, and other health professionals to ensure a high level of trustworthiness and authority. Our authors are also subject matter experts. Insider’s Medical Review Board, made up of medical professionals from various fields, also reviews our reporting.

What types of health, fitness and outdoor products we test


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Food supplements: Our recommendations are based on extensive research and expert advice. We look at the pros and cons of nutritional supplements like multivitamins, protein powders, exercise supplements, and more. Many of these guides incorporate insights from dieticians and nutritionists, and are rigorously fact-tested by health professionals.

Oral hygiene: We review a wide variety of oral health products including electric toothbrushes, whitening toothpaste, floss and floss alternatives, and mouthwash. These items are thoroughly checked and reviewed by dentists and dental hygienists.

Sexual health: Our sex health insurance is comprehensive, diverse, and mindful, and includes testing and examinations of things like sex toys, condoms, and lubricants. We also work with sex health professionals who act as both advisors and writers. These articles are carefully factored in by our medical panel.

Home health products: Home health encompasses everything from using thermometers and pulse oximeters to delivering prescriptions, using telemedicine services to see a doctor or therapist, and treating other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. This coverage is thoroughly researched and tested (where possible) and includes expert knowledge from doctors, therapists, pharmacists, and others, as well as routine, in-depth fact-checking.


Cycling shoes - what else we tested

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Exercise equipment: From dumbbells and skipping ropes to pull-up bars, kettlebells and resistance bands, our team tests a wide variety of home fitness equipment for every type of user, regardless of their ability or fitness level.

Training clothing: Whether training shirt, shorts or running shoes, we put fitness clothing through its paces. This includes sweating tops on the humid summer days, mudding trail running shoes and working with freelancers of all body types and sizes to be as inclusive as possible.

Fitness tracker: Our team puts fitness trackers from brands like Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto, Polar and many others through a series of extensive tests on the wrist to see how useful they are for tracking activity throughout the day. That includes using them to track runs, workouts, bike rides, and even outdoor activities like hiking, snowboarding, and skiing.

Bicycles and bike accessories: As avid cyclists ourselves, we cover popular types of bikes, including commuter bikes, electric bikes, and mountain bikes, to related gear like helmets, pumps, and bike locks.

Yoga equipment: From yoga mats and yoga blocks to streaming apps, our team actually practices yoga with everything we test to assess things like long-term durability, sweat resistance, and various weights and sizes, comfort and portability.

Exercise equipment for the home: This includes treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes and complete smart gyms for at home from big names such as Peloton and NordicTrack, but also emerging brands. We test for everything – from how much space the machine takes up to how effective (and enjoyable) the workout is – and ultimately, whether it’s worth your money’s worth.


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Hiking equipment: Whether for a day hike or a longer backpacking tour, our experienced outdoor authors cover a variety of hiking products. That means testing hiking boots to see how comfortable they are over miles of trekking, wearing backpacks of all sizes, and wearing hiking pants for days. We even make sure our adventure dogs spend some time testing hiking gear as well.

Camping equipment: Everyone has a different idea of ​​what the must-have camp kit looks like, so we made it our business to test everything. We have recommendations from tents and sleeping bags to camping kitchens, coffee machines, sleeping mats and headlamps.

Clothing and equipment: Outdoor is an inherently seasonal category as most people hike and camp in summer and then put on skis, snowboards, and snowshoes in winter. This seasonality determines how and what we test, but we work to stay ahead of the curve by offering proper seasonal recommendations before you actually need them so that you are well prepared.

How we test the products

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Our team spends from a few weeks to several months testing a product in a variety of use cases. We develop unique test methods for each product area and create benchmarks that we can use to effectively assess what we are testing.

This means looking through the entire lifespan of a running shoe, sweat testing (and washing) training clothing for weeks, riding an electric bike until the battery is empty

Services as our first port of call to see a doctor, follow the latest advice from the CDC, doctors, research institutes and other health professionals, or to go back country for a few days just with a backpack full of gear in tow.

We consider a product’s price, durability, ease of use, and other factors to offer quality options to suit a variety of budgets.

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Rick Stella is the health and fitness editor for Insider Reviews. He reviews and deals with all questions relating to fitness equipment such as fitness trackers, ergometers and exercise equipment for use at home, as well as alternative forms of fitness such as hiking, climbing and swimming. Rick has over five years of experience in the health & fitness, outdoor, and consumer technology sectors. He was hired to help build and manage the new Insider Reviews health and fitness area.
Prior to joining Business Insider, Rick was the outdoor and adventure editor for the automotive website and the outdoors and sports and fitness editor for Digital Trends. He also previously freelanced for Insider Reviews with AskMen, Gear Junkie, and Forbes.
When he’s not putting a digital pen on digital paper, Rick enjoys watching live music, playing soccer, watching Netflix shows, and riding a bicycle. Rick was an Oregonian for most of his life and now lives in New York City.
He can be reached at or on Twitter @RickStella.
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