Important oils make straightforward work for meals producers


Botanical Innovations is a small company. Founder and CEO Kerry Ferguson loves their products, which are powder-based products like apple cider vinegar, non-alcoholic wine, and essential oils that are ideal for the food, nutraceutical, health and wellness industries.

The company’s apple cider vinegar product is made from Australian Granny Smith apples and was named Innovative Ingredient at the Food and Beverage Industry Awards in 2018.

The powder is naturally fermented and has two main uses – flavoring and as a natural preservative. Because it has a neutral taste, it does not affect the taste profile of the products in which it is used, making it ideal for a wide variety of foods.

“Powders are not only easy to use, but also have a much better shelf life than the liquid versions of the product,” said Ferguson. “The apple cider vinegar goes very well. We export it to Europe, the USA, Korea – it is branded as a separate product. We also have many domestic customers. Since we use Australian apples, everyone knows it is a clean and natural product. It’s a versatile ingredient in supplements, foods, beverages, and all sorts of things. “

Another reason to use apple cider vinegar in food production is because there are potential health benefits such as weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and lowering blood pressure. It can also help prevent and treat diabetes and relieve symptoms of asthma.

The only powder that turns out to be popular is the company’s range of essential oils, which offer a number of benefits to those who wish to use it in their products.

“The market has responded well to our oil powder,” said Ferguson. “It’s good for the cosmetics market, as well as the food ingredient and nutritional supplement markets. It’s pretty new and we’re just starting to market it. It took us a couple of years to develop. So it’s not just about, “Hey, I have a great idea and we’re just going to get it out.”

“We saw that the market is very receptive to this because it is much easier for them to deal with. With the liquid version of such oils, you need to put on protective clothing and the like. The powder form makes handling much easier. Powdered oils give you all the benefits of an essential oil with no complexity. It helps so that you don’t have to deal with additional complications. It took a few years to get it right, but we’re very happy with the result. “

To make one batch of the powder, it takes about a ton of oil to make 150 kilos of powder, which is a ratio of about 10-15 percent.

“We found that a higher value becomes problematic for quality,” said Ferguson. “You’re not rehydrating the powder, you want to use it as a dry mix. When you make a sauce, it still mixes as a powder and you mix it accordingly. “

Botanical innovations have done well over the past 12 months despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies have had supply chain issues, especially when it comes to sourcing ingredients from overseas. Most of Botanical Innovations’ raw materials come from Australia, but it also helps that there was a lot of foresight in early 2020, before the pandemic.

“Our supply chain has been good when it comes to apple cider vinegar. We either have fresh apples, juice or juice concentrate. We have a lot of options, ”said Ferguson. “With regard to the supply of essential oils, we have good continuity in this regard. We make some of the oils ourselves and buy the others. Overall, we didn’t have a big problem with the supply. I know it has
Some of our suppliers had problems with shipping but they still managed to fulfill all of our orders.

“At the beginning of last year we also bought some things that had been our concern for a long time. We had enough stocks available. “

Botanical Innovation’s success is not a coincidence or luck, it is just hard work and an investment in ideas.

“We spend a lot of time research and development because there are a lot of really interesting things to do and there are new products to be made,” said Ferguson. “We’re focused on building the markets with the products that are selling really well. Then we have a pipeline of new innovations that we are always looking for.

“There are also some really good R&D tax incentives, including a good tax break. As a small company, we have to be innovative and different, otherwise we would just buy ingredients from overseas and become distributors. That’s not what we’re about. “