Important oils, massages improve Ladies’s Empowerment Week | Texas A&M College-San Antonio


The smell of eucalyptus filled the air, meditation music played softly in the background as students strolled from table to table, picking up spa-themed goodie bags and making rice bags of essential oils for DIY enthusiasts. On the check-in table were the empowerment pins for women, on which the students scanned their student ID.

The Campus Activities Board and Student Involvement hosted a Spa Day in the Texas A&M University cafeteria in San Antonio on March 24th, from 12pm to 2pm to celebrate Women’s Empowerment Week.

The event was one of several in March for Women’s History Month. The spa-themed event takes place at a time when students are just finishing their halftime and nearing the end of the semester. CAB event coordinator Valeria Rodriguez made sure every student and whoever walked in knew what the event had to offer.

“It’s quiet downtime here at the university, and we’re just making sure they know there are events going on,” Rodriguez said. “We’re going to have more events where students can just get away from homework and schoolwork and relax a little and be a part of the Jaguar environment.”

A relaxing environment with essential oils and meditation music is a business thing Newcomer Larisa Natal is familiar with.

“I love being in a very, relaxed, and quiet environment,” said Natal. “When I heard about it, I thought I had to leave right away. I walked right here right after class. I love going to all of these events just to be there and do things. ”

The cloudy weather and fog were responsible for the change of location for the event, which was originally supposed to take place in the headquarters Academic building courtyard. The event still managed to attract over 50 people. Family Student Engagement has released free self-care bags with a vitamin C sugar scrub, lip balm and lotion from the Carmel Soap Company.

The combination of essential oils and free self-care incentives resulted in 10-minute massages from Zenergy Wellness. Each massage was followed by wiping with disinfectant spray so the next person in line could enjoy a massage on a clean surface.

Mask wear and social distancing were still in place at the event as students, faculty, and staff socialized.

“There comes a time when we are all so busy,” said Vanessa Quiroga, Community Partnership and Campus Visit Experience Associate, after a 10-minute massage. “It’s great, not just physically but also mentally.”

As the hours passed, the free goodie bags also passed. CAB brought out socks with their logo as a gift. This was the case for the students who missed the goodie bags and kept coming in towards the end of the event.

Second year communication Lanie Perez experienced her very first massage at the event.

“Oh my god the massage was amazing,” said Perez. “I’ve never had a massage before, but the fact that CAB was able to host this event and experience that was amazing. I love it.”

Students like Perez found out about the event on CAB’s Instagram page and others from Jagsync. To attend events hosted by CAB or Student Involvement, follow @cabtamusa or get updates from Jagsync through your student’s email address.