Important oils pose hazard to pets


Dear Readers, Essential oils are oils that are reduced (concentrated) from plants such as lavender, juniper and eucalyptus, citrus trees and rose bushes and contain their essence. These oils are used in alternative medicine, aromatherapy and meditation.

While essential oil therapies may not be scientifically proven, essential oils are popular today. But what about our pets and essential oils? Let’s be careful.

Essential oils can be toxic to dogs and especially cats if swallowed. Licking the oils can cause abdominal discomfort. Some people have found success with flea and tick control essential oils, but let’s leave flea and tick remediation to the professional veterinarian.

It is smart to keep essential oils away from your pets. – Heloise

Pet pal

Hello Heloise: This is our salvation, Molly, who has been a wonderful addition to our family! She is 3 years old and loved reading in the window with her “friend” (a wonderful ceramic cat statue! – Heloise). We have been so happy to have her with us for the past six months.

I enjoy your column every day on the Times Herald Record in Newburgh, NY – Debby H., via email

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What’s going down

Dear Heloise, I’m on board with the new make-up trend of first applying blush and then applying the foundation. This gives a more mixed and natural look, and if you overdo the blush, the primer will calm it down. – Kaitlyn R. in Texas

Kaitlyn, that’s a nice technique. You can also gently blend colors with a makeup sponge or your ring finger. – Heloise

I’m better than you

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Choose a cucumber

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Loose label

Dear Readers, try a warm hair dryer to peel off a rubbery price tag from a piece of glass or ceramic. This should loosen the adhesive enough for the sticker to peel off. – Heloise

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