Improve psychological health on the Horticulture Convention 2021


Growers are in an industry where so much is out of their control. For example the weather, the availability of labor, the price of products and whether the tractor has a flat tire this morning. Jimi Hunt specializes in mental fitness, speaking at the 2021 Horticultural Conference: Resilience and Recovery.

“Resilience is such a buzzword, but there is a huge difference between resilience and mental fitness,” says Jimi. I’m not a fan of punches. This is where mental fitness comes into play. “

Jimi Hunt will speak at the 2021 Horticultural Conference

“With mental fitness you learn to see the punches a mile away and, like Muhammad Ali, learn to dodge them so you won’t be there when they land. But you have to learn those skills. You can’t just get into the boxing bell and suddenly start dodging every punch. The same goes for mental fitness. There are some important, practical steps that you must understand before you even begin your mental fitness. “

The focus of Jimi’s presentation at the 2021 Horticultural Conference will be to demonstrate to farmers the need and benefits of proactive maintenance of mental fitness and health, and the benefits that can result from it.

“Just like with physical fitness, there is no way to teleport into the mental fitness continuum. But I will share tips and strategies to help growers improve mental fitness over time so they can dodge the blows.” , when you come.”