Inside Nick Jonas’ Life With Diabetes


As Insider notes, the Jonas Brothers star was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes back in 2007 when he was only 13 years old. Now that he can share his personal experiences with the fans, Jonas feels less alone with the illness and vice versa. “This is something they have told me quite a few times that just sharing my story helped them feel less alone and that is the win,” he noted. The singer and actor hopes that those affected will know that there is always someone to “rely on in difficult or difficult times”.

In 2008 the Jonas Brothers released “A Little Bit Longer”, a so-called “song of life” which was inspired by his fight against diabetes. At a press conference to mark the release of the song, Nick openly stated, “I had a day my sugar was out of reach, and I sat down at the piano and wrote it in 20 minutes,” according to MTV News. The pop star admitted that he felt inspired by his condition and admitted that he was glad to learn that other sufferers felt similar while listening to the track. The singer also took to Instagram in 2019 to share an inspiring message on how to deal with the disease. He said, “This experience shaped the way I approach my health – exercise, eat well, and always think about my blood sugar and insulin needs.”