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SUNRISE, Fla., March 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Interim HealthCare Inc., the nation’s leading franchise network for home health care, personal care, healthcare professionals, and hospice services, is launching the newest offering in its HomeLife Enrichment® line of products focused on the chronic disease of diabetes . The Interim HealthCare program supports the patient holistically with regard to mind, body, soul and family. As an extension of the doctor’s office, a comprehensive standard of care, this proprietary approach provides the newly diagnosed person with diabetes and their loved ones with valuable information about the effects of diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and medication on healthy body function.

More than 34 million Americans (or one in ten people) live with diabetes, and 90 to 95 percent of patients diagnosed have type 2 diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For the family and caregivers of these people, understanding how a new diagnosis can be safely supported and controlled plays an essential role in the ongoing treatment of the disease. By enabling the post-diagnosis recommended lifestyle changes through unique home care, the symptoms associated with diabetes can be significantly reduced and, ideally, the quality of life extended for the person affected by the disease and their loved ones.

“As home health professionals, we step into the lives and homes of individuals and their families to take them on very personal, often emotional, healthcare journeys,” he said Jennifer Sheets, President and CEO of Interim HealthCare Inc .. “We believe with the right supportEveryone can experience a more rewarding and independent lifestyle. Anchored in more than 25 years of experience in chronic diabetes care, we can share our exclusive and diverse standard of care with millions of Americans who are on this journey with their family members who have diabetes. “

A key element of the Interim HealthCare HomeLife Enrichment® for Diabetes standard is a new resource, “Caring for a Loved One With Diabetes” (Caregiver’s Guide). The next focus of its chronic care management and education mission is to debut the Nursing Guide on the occasion of the National Nutrition Month of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics®, which promotes the importance of informed food choices and the development of healthy eating and exercise habits. both critical in treating diabetes.

The timing of this guide also coincides with the industry’s recovery from the trends that have persisted since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a critical factor in the future shift towards better health and care management. The Nursing Guide is expected to be most effective in alleviating the challenges caused by:

  • Doctors’ offices and hospitals that closed last spring for unnecessary care and services and millions of people dealing with high-risk chronic diseases like diabetes have to postpone care and treatment.
  • Americans who, by and large, have increased focus on their personal health and well-being and who receive delayed or overdue diagnoses of diabetes.

The Caregiver’s Guide equips families with the tools and insights needed to care for the whole individual, not just one facet of their disease management. This approach gives household and extended family members a holistic view of diabetes care and how closely each aspect is related to overall outcomes. By studying the nursing process, families will understand what their loved ones need and how they can best be cared for in ways that improve mental, emotional, and physical health:

  • Understanding: Cultivating the mind involves knowledge, insight, and understanding of the new diagnosis that will lead to actions that will create new habits and positively affect the results.
  • Body: A critical part of managing diabetes and minimizing other related serious health risks involves making a commitment to taking care of the body, including diet, exercise, and sleep, as well as maintaining skin, feet, oral hygiene, and eye health.
  • Ghost: A diagnosis of diabetes can be emotional. In addition to making the necessary lifestyle changes, taking care of a person’s mind is the most compassionate form of care there is. It can lead to a more positive outlook, provide support for their emotions, and bring joy amid their health challenges.
  • Family: The family also plays a key role in the nursing process. Caring for families means raising, leading, and supporting those who care for a loved one with diabetes. It promotes understanding, helps improve results, and promotes self-sufficiency.

“Living with and dealing with diabetes is absolutely possible,” Sheets said. “I’ve seen my father use the power of knowledge to treat his diabetes with great dedication through the power of knowledge despite the complex and early-onset diagnosis of Type 1 – and he had the quality of life to prove it. As healthcare providers and industry leaders, we are me hope this resource encourages positive lifestyle changes so that people with diabetes see this not as a life sentence but as an opportunity to empower and enable a life without limits. “

Interim HealthCare’s proprietary training programs enable home physicians and paraprofessionals to excel and provide valuable information and support. With more than 55 years of experience in caring for people and as First in Home Care®, the multidisciplinary care teams at Interim HealthCare support customers who live with diabetes in a familiar environment – at home or in assisted living communities.

This unique focus from home offers a more intimate and unprocessed glimpse into a person’s daily life. It also creates an effective educational partnership with the primary care provider or the hospital doctor. Often, the training provided by a doctor is insufficient to grasp the real effects of a diabetes diagnosis. By expanding this training to a “real” environment, home clinicians and paraprofessionals get a complete overview of the patient. Better to inform them about a tailor-made care plan. An in-home support system also provides insights into what is most important to people. This difference leads to care plans that take into account their specific support needs, personal motivations and obstacles, and adherence tendencies for improved health management and, ideally, a better quality of life.

Interim HealthCare special programs fall under the HomeLife Enrichment® standard for care offers. Currently, these areas include cognitive care with an emphasis on dementia, COVID-19, and other chronic conditions, with more planned for the next 18 months.

Download the Free Diabetes Carers Guide here and learn more about Interim HealthCare’s Diabetes Program by contacting a locally owned and operated office. Access the Office Locater at

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Interim HealthCare Inc. was founded in 1966 and is First in Home Care®. It is unique when it comes to combining the commitment of local owners with the support of a national organization that develops innovative programs and quality standards. As the only major franchise brand in its category to offer the full continuum of care, the company is committed to improving the delivery of home health and personal services in more than 330 locations across the United States and America Saudi Arabia. The franchisees, ranked # 1 by Entrepreneur Magazine for the third year in a row, employ nurses, therapists, carers, escorts, and other health care professionals who provide 25 million hours of home care services to 200,000 people each year and a wide variety of seniors in home health care meet nursing, hospice, palliative, child and health care needs. For more information or an Interim HealthCare office, visit

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