Irish health skilled says children ought to carry well being passports to observe diabetes and weight problems dangers


A fitness expert has said that elementary school children should carry a health card with them to monitor their risk of diabetes and obesity.

Dr. Niall Moyna, professor of human performance at DCU, warned that pandemic lockdowns have impacted children’s fitness – but it’s not too late to reverse the damage.

And the doctor at Operation Transformation warned that diabetes alone could “bankrupt” the health system in the coming years if we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis.

He told the Irish Sunday Mirror, “Children, I always say, are like lab rats. They run, they stop, they run, they stop.

“It is this random activity that they accumulate over the course of a day.

“Being locked in a house or apartment and being restricted in your movements has a massive impact on it.

“Children are becoming more sedentary and the evidence is there, so this is just another layer on top. That is the last thing we really need. “

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Dr. Moyna said more and more young children are suffering from diabetes due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Niall Moyna, Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance, DCU, speaks at the GAA Annual Games Development Conference in Croke Park, Dublin

He added, “I think diabetes alone is going to ruin most health systems, with most diabetics taking between 12 and 18 drugs.

“Pediatricians regularly see children with type 2 diabetes.

“If you have type 2 diabetes before age 12, you will likely lose a limb by 20, develop heart disease in your teens, likely develop kidney failure by 30 and 40, and die of cardiovascular disease by 50 .

“That’s the reality and I don’t think parents understand that. According to the World Health Organization, this is the first generation of children their parents may not survive. “

Dr. Moyna said steps to address this could include a school child health passport.

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He added, “It’s a very basic thing. Their height, their weight, their cardiovascular fitness and their muscle strength and fitness.

“When they start high school, we can add a blood test every two years to measure blood sugar for diabetes risk.

“That is why the children at risk are identified during school time and intervened at an early stage.

“We had to develop strategies to get children to be physically active and not organized.

“When I was a child you were sent out and found the world on your own, you built your own resilience and you didn’t get everything you wanted.

“In fact, you didn’t get anything you wanted. But you were out with your friends.

“There is no government that is ready to take a long-term perspective and initiate a policy that will reap awards
25 years.

“Once a child becomes obese, there is no cure. Bariatric surgery is currently the only cure. All drugs have so far been unsuccessful. “

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