Is there a hyperlink between COVID-19 and diabetes?


(WSIL) – Researchers have broken down recent studies and identified some concerns.

The Guardian reports that almost five percent of the 47,000 patients in a study in the UK developed diabetes.

Some experts say that the virus causes the disease.

A Carbondale family doctor spoke to News 3 about the problem and said spikes in blood sugar put you at risk.

“The blood sugar itself affects the immune system, makes the immune system weak and also decouples the body’s ability to fight infection. The problem with Covid is that it causes severe inflammation,” said Dr. Dr. Anad Salem.

Scientists have many theories about what causes this inflammation, including the virus that causes problems with your pancreas, intestines, or other vital organs.

Doctor Salem says he and other doctors are still experimenting with various treatments.

“The only evidence shown other than good supportive care and when the patient is in need of oxygen is steroids. We have tried, and I personally have tried a variety of vitamins and supplements for diabetic anti-inflammatory drugs on my patients in the hospital so far are all at the experimental or theoretical stage, “he said.

Researchers say much more research is needed to understand the possible link between COVID-19 and diabetes.

At the moment, Dr. Salem said it was important to get the vaccine to fight the virus and continue to create social distance and wear masks.