Italian, Easy, Vegetarian: Simple Recipes with A lot of Wholesome Concepts


Ylenia Sambatti is a vegetarian and learned to cook from her grandmother. She is mainly interested in the typical cuisine of southern Italy, especially Pugliese. A few years ago he opened a school, Cook in Apulia, where students learn to eat like the Apulians in order to lead a healthy and good life. There is also a 30-recipe cookbook with detailed instructions on how to cook Apulian food at home. The cookbook is called “Italian, Simple, Vegetarian: Simple recipes with lots of healthy ideas”. The cookbook is on Amazon.

Italian cuisine is possibly one of the most popular in the United States. If you are part of an Italian family, you have enjoyed traditional dishes as well as special treats while on vacation.

Although fresh vegetables are a mainstay of Italian cuisine, a vegetarian diet is now possible with a new book by Ylenia Sambatti: “Italian, simple, vegetarian: simple recipes with lots of healthy ideas.”

Yle is a lifelong vegetarian and says she learned how to cook from Nonna Antonietta, her grandmother. “I loved seeing her totally immersed in pasta making. She had this amazing art of making pasta.”

For years, Yle has been organizing travel adventures in Puglia that include culinary experiences. The increasing interest in the regional cuisine of southern Italy led to the establishment of the Cook cooking school in Apulia. With a platform to demonstrate farm-to-table specialties and the growing interest in vegetarian dishes or a healthier diet, she decided to share recipes she’s cooked for her family and at her school.

Thirty easy-to-follow recipes include soups, main dishes, and even desserts. The ingredients are often already in your kitchen and the step-by-step instructions are simple and clear.

After months of cooking at home, now may be the perfect time to follow Yle’s cooking suggestion: “Rethink some ways of life and, if possible, go in a healthier direction, not a drastic change but gradual.” , vegetarian: Simple recipes with lots of healthy ideas “is now available on Amazon.