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For more than 30 years, health and fitness have been the focus of my personal and business life. I’ve devoted this time to researching and experimenting with my body to create effective, results-oriented fitness and nutrition programs – and it hasn’t been easy. My journey took me through myriad sources of misinformation and counterproductive approaches to diet and exercise. Through all of this, I continued to learn and eventually focused on the combination of exercise and nutrition program that was producing great results for me and many others. As a fitness professional, I am delighted to be able to offer this information to people of all ages who are interested in improving their health and fitness levels, and extending their lifespan.

Most commercial fitness clubs these days do not provide members with in-depth exercise information or effective instruction because it requires accredited staff and is costly. In general, health clubs do poorly teach members how to exercise properly, which I believe is why the wear and tear rates are so high in the fitness industry. Instead of hiring physical education graduates and practice kinesiologists, the norm for fitness clubs today is to hire fitness trainers whose only qualification is a certificate from a weekend personal training session. These trainers usually know little or nothing about the right scientific way to exercise, or the science behind diet.


I set out years ago to have the best training system possible. Through trial and error, I developed the high-intensity HIT3 training system. As I continued to open fitness clubs and implement my systems, I formalized both my method of conducting fitness reviews for members and training them on my unique HIT3 training program. My HIT3 training system is based on the scientific principles of fitness assessment and movement physiology. It is taught by fitness professionals and takes the puzzle out of the best way to get maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Fitness ratings

The foundation of the HIT3 system begins with the fitness assessment protocol. This in-depth assessment takes about an hour. It primarily helps to determine a person’s current level of physical fitness. Medical history, training experience, lifestyle and eating habits, cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance, and health and fitness goals. With all of these factors in mind, we can then determine a starting point – a base level. We then determine a person’s ultimate goal and what results they want to achieve.

The John Cardillo Premier Fitness Assessment Protocol is unique in the industry. The feedback we get from people who have gone through this process is that they are amazed at how much they learn about themselves.

Once the fitness assessment is complete and a person’s fitness level is determined, a trainer who is certified in the HIT3 training system will formulate a program. This program is carried out specifically on exercise machines that are set up one at a time in a private studio. Each machine is a comprehensive, thorough, and easy-to-use piece of equipment that trains every muscle better than any other machine on the market.


1. Form

Each exercise must be done in perfect shape without jerking or lifting or with the help of other parts of the body. Proper form ensures that the trained body part receives maximum benefit and the possibility of injury is minimized. Training in the right form also includes proper posture and breathing techniques.

2. Intensity

The secret to results-oriented training is the intensity factor. For the workout to be effective, it must be done until temporary muscle fatigue. We encourage each person to always be progressive in any exercise by doing more reps with the specific weight resistance they use to exceed the prescribed rep goal. Once this rep target for this exercise is exceeded, the weight is increased slightly for the next workout, so that a new challenge is placed on the muscle part. Continuously challenging each muscle group in this way will result in high intensity exercises, which will produce faster results.

3. Volume

The idea that most people believe that if one set of exercises is good, then two or three sets are better and produce more results is completely wrong. Performing more than one set of high-intensity HIT3 exercises will not produce more results and will lead to overtraining. An important rule of the HIT3 system is that you should only do a maximum set of 12 to 15 reps with a weight that puts so much stress on the body part that it cannot even do one rep, causing temporary muscle failure. Any further sets performed beyond this point are counterproductive and lead to overtraining. For exercise to be effective, it must be short and of high intensity. Low intensity, long volume workouts that involve doing countless sets of each exercise have poor results.

3. Frequency

We recommend that you do the HIT3 training program no more than twice a week, with each training at least three days apart. Exercising more often is counterproductive and leads to overtraining. Proper exercise shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes twice a week for the best results. Once members go through the HIT3 training program, they will see the difference between adequate exercise and the wasted movements that thousands of people participate in every day. With HIT3 we teach people the right scientific way to train.

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