John Gregory-Smith’s wholesome recipes to make use of up fridge elements


As part of an online tool, a CELEBRITY chef has developed new healthy recipes that people can use to consume ingredients from the refrigerator.

John Gregory-Smith has teamed up with Weight Watchers Reimagined, who is offering a “What’s in Your Fridge” tool as part of its new myWW + app.

The tool offers thousands of recipe suggestions at the touch of a button, so people can prepare healthy meals from scratch based on the contents of their refrigerator.

The Sunday Brunch star has put together exclusive recipes and tips for using the three main ingredients Britons buy in January … bananas, broccoli and spinach.

John said, “Eating healthy shouldn’t be a chore, so I’m here to show you how to turn the everyday ingredients you have in your refrigerator into something amazing.

“I’ve developed a number of flavourful dishes that you’ll want to come back to over and over again.

“The” What’s in your fridge? ” “Using the myWW + app is very easy. It does the hard work for you, making it a breeze to get involved in a healthier way of eating.

“I look forward to my recipes being included in the program.”

This is based on research by Weight Watchers Reimagined which found that Brits packed their fridges with healthy ingredients in January but then looked at them for an average of an hour and 13 minutes all week.

In the study, 48 percent of UK respondents said they tried and did not stick to a new healthy eating regime, while a quarter said they didn’t know enough healthy recipes.

This means that 3.5 million broccoli, 13.7 million bananas and 3.4 million bags of spinach come off and are not eaten, according to research.

According to the study, Brighton residents were more motivated to be healthy in January compared to other parts of the UK.

The study shows that people in Brighton are more likely to buy the top three healthy ingredients. 70 percent of respondents buy bananas and 68 percent say they have broccoli, compared to 59 percent and 57 percent nationally.

Across the UK, a third of respondents said everything looked “boring” in their fridges in January, while just over a third of those under 34 admitted putting healthy ingredients in their carts “to look good”.

Anna Hill of Weight Watchers Reimagined said, “Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat the meals you love.

“When it comes to starting a new health regime, there is often a division between buying healthy food and finding the right recipes.

“The WW program focuses on recipes and ideas to suit all tastes and budgets, so you can keep enjoying the dishes you love with healthy ingredients. Our myWW + app offers our members the tools they can use to make their weight loss journeys even easier and more successful. The “What’s in your fridge?” Tool is just another way to do this. ”

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