Josh Duhamel Spills His Health Routine And seven Gymnasium-Bag Necessities


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Whether you know him for his recurring role in the Transformer Movies or his passed out acting in Safe havenJosh Duhamel has certainly mastered how to look great in the spotlight. And now with Duhamel’s latest appearance as a superhero Jupiter’s legacyIt’s no surprise the 48-year-old actor had to be shredded to take on the role of Utopian (the team leader of a superpowered family) on the Netflix series.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Duhamel talked about his fitness journey and how it’s moving from simple weightlifting to a combination of exercises – exercising 4 to 5 times a week on rowing machines, his peloton bike, and hot yoga – to stay flexible, injury-free and painless. Meanwhile, the actor doesn’t forget his muscle regeneration routine: a vigorous rotation of the whirlpool and ice bath rotations. Of course, Duhamel eventually shared the contents of his gym bag, which he keeps simple and ready to use to avoid over-planning.

1. Jump rope

Not only does the skipping rope keep Duhamel’s legs alive, but it also helps the actor improve his walking, speed and general agility. Whether you want a quick cardio session or a few exercises to improve speed, having a good old-fashioned skipping rope in your gym bag remains essential for any fitness professional or beginner.

2. Jockstrap

Duhamel wasn’t shy about revealing his jockstrap, given the very clear representation he was showing to the camera. “You know I need support so I have my jockstrap,” he said in the video. “I actually have two of them in case one of them gets sweaty.” Like a true superhero prepared for any situation, Duhamel doesn’t play around with having his supporting armor handy.

3. Nunchucks

Of course, a superhero has to train to fight evil. While he may not run into too many bad guys at the gym, Duhamel likes to carry a pair of nunchucks around with him to practice his kung fu skills. He even gave the audience a nice tough guy demonstration while mumbling softly, “Somebody’s helping.” Lesson: don’t mess with Duhamel.

4. Bandana

To keep the sweat off his forehead, the actor next pulled out a black headscarf. “I wrap it over my head in the Axl Rose style,” said Duhamel, showing the audience how to wear it. If you work up a sweat from a strenuous workout, be sure to pack a headband, like Duhamel does – also great for keeping the hair off your face.

5. Safety glasses

Sometimes saving the day means venturing into a body of water to save an innocent bystander or a virgin in distress. Of course, Duhamel excitedly took brightly colored, eye-catching goggles out of his sports bag and modeled them for the camera. “I’m an aspiring triathlete,” he said in the video. “I haven’t done a triathlon yet, but I plan to do it one day.” By then, Duhamel stated that his high-impact glasses will come in handy if he chooses to spontaneously swim when he is running down the street.

6. Air Jordans

Like any typical sneakerhead, Duhamel couldn’t miss the opportunity to turn his Air Jordans into college blue. “I love Jordans. I love old school Adidas, ”he said in the video. “These are probably not the ideal shoes to work out in, but I really like these sneakers and I wanted to show them to you.” The actor can undoubtedly go for better sneakers, but we can’t blame the man for speaking the love language of all sneakerheads.

7. Resistance bands

To stay in top form on the streets, Duhamel swears by his DON-A-MATRIX bands. “These have been huge for me over the past few months. That’s all I had with me and I took her everywhere, ”he said as he flashed the tapes towards the camera. “This is a must, especially when I’m out and about.” If you want to equip your sports bag with fitness equipment, it is definitely worth investing in high-quality resistance bands. Well said Josh.

Bonus: a raw egg

What was supposed to be a joke actually turned into one eggcellular challenge. Or maybe not, since Duhamel almost seemed to fling after swallowing a whole raw egg. “You never know when you might need a protein boost,” he said, insisting that it wasn’t hard-boiled. “I eat the sh ** raw.” Despite his easy gaze, Duhamel tore open the egg and shot it off like a true champion. We would surely give this superhero props to perform this queasy act.

Watch Josh Duhamel Reveal His Gym Bag Below: