‘Juvenile diabetes membership’ in Surat | Surat Information


Surat: In order to sensitize people to adolescent diabetes (or type 1 diabetes) and to guide those affected, Dr. Nischal Chovatiya founded the “Surat Juvenile Diabetes Club” on Sunday.
“About 18 children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes attended the event with their parents. The idea of ​​the club is to provide scientific information about the disease, clear up misunderstandings about it and help them live better lives. We have given examples of celebrities living with this disease and everyone can have happy lives, ”Chovatiya said.
According to Chovatiya, type 1 diabetes is a condition in which a person’s immune system destroys insulin-producing cells in their pancreas. There is a membership fee or fees in the club. Basically it is a platform on which problems and problems are discussed.
“We connected with Dr Vijay Panikar through a video from Mumbai. He spoke about various aspects of type 1 diabetes and interacted with the parents present at the event,” said Chovatiya.
“We will have regular interviews, activities and expert discussions on the matter to keep patients informed,” he added.