Kauvery Hospital launches diabetes helpline to reply affected person queries


The service, according to the Kauvery Hospital, is provided by a multidisciplinary team of trained doctors and nurses.

Kauvery Hospital has set up a diabetes hotline to help patients stay safe. The hotline, which can be reached on +91 88802 88802, is available around the clock. All issues related to diabetes management are covered, including diagnosis, lifestyle changes, diet, medication, and prevention of complications.

Service, according to Kauvery Hospital, is provided by a multidisciplinary team of trained health professionals and nurses who guide patients and their families. Kauvery Hospital added that it aims to help patients gain and maintain good control of diabetes and reduce their risks from COVID-19.

“COVID-19 and diabetes are a double blow to the patient. Many uncontrolled diabetes patients develop many complications. These can be divided into two categories – microvascular complications (diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, etc.) and macrovascular complications (heart attack, damage to the main blood vessels In general, diabetic Hba1c levels should be below 7. Higher levels make diabetics more susceptible to infection or other complications, ”said Dr. K Baraneedharan, Senior Consultant Diabetologist at Kauvery Hospital Chennai.

People with diabetes need to keep certain parameters under control, including blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, liver, and kidney function tests. People with diabetes are prone to developing complications like impaired vision, kidney dysfunction, nerve damage, heart disease, etc.

“People who are in the very early stages of diabetes or pre-diabetes can seek advice on diet plans, wellness activities, etc. Anyone with complications such as diabetic retinopathy or diabetic neuropathy needs the right specialty Getting advice and the right guidance We also have a dedicated diabetic foot care management team that helps patients prevent diabetic foot avoiding ulcers and amputations, “added Dr. Baranee added.

In Tamil Nadu, nearly 50% of COVID-19 patients are reported to be diabetic.

“Staying at home is just as important, and an initiative like this is definitely of great help to those looking for medical advice and recommendations without going to the hospital. I urge people to use such facilities and not ignore any state of health, “said Latha Rajinikanth, Chair of the Shree Daya Foundation.

Dr. Manivannan Selvaraj, Founder and General Manager of the Kauvery Group of Hospitals, said: “Aside from heredity, environmental factors are major contributors to the incidence of diabetes. Over the past year there has been an increase in the number of patients with newborn diabetes recognized and those with diabetes who developing complications early on from sedentary lifestyles for avoiding physical activity, working from home, glycemic diets, etc. The health quality of many of them continued to deteriorate because they did not seek treatment in health centers, which feared the possibility that we too saw that the most common comorbidity that puts the lives of COVID patients at risk is diabetes, ”he said.

He added that in the fight against the pandemic, they are also focusing on stabilizing those comorbidities that put the lives of patients with COVID at risk.

“Diabetes leads these stresses. The Helpline Center helps people get quality information from the right expert. The COVID vaccination is one of our high hopes and the pandemic control initiative and hotline will also assist people with diabetes with their vaccine-related questions and concerns, “he said.