Kay Pierre Diet Weblog, Nutritherapyy.com, Helps Folks to Be taught About Plant-Based mostly Diet and Wellness


The blogger has identified a knowledge gap in the difference between a plant-based diet and veganism, and her blog is dedicated to sharing informative articles to fill the gap

There is an increasing quest for eating healthy food as everyone has accepted and acknowledged the importance of having a proper diet. It is no longer news that a person’s dietary consumption determines the quality and longevity of their life. For some time now, plant-based eating has been making the rounds on food blogs as a healthy diet for people of all ages. However, the majority of these blogs and websites often confuse plant-based eating with veganism, and many people are swayed in the ignorance of this confusion.

To set the records straight and correct the misconceptions surrounding a plant-based diet and veganism, Kay Pierre is thrilled to announce the launch of Nutritherapyy, a plant-based nutrition and wellness blog. Kay is a certified holistic-nutritionist, and her blog is dedicated to harnessing the power of a plant-based diet and wellness to live healthier lives.

Speaking about the vision behind the launch of Nutritherapyy, Kay Pierre had this to say, “Most blogs that I’ve researched focuses specifically on recipes or veganism. While veganism is similar to a plant-based diet, there are a couple of differences. At Nutritherapyy, we specifically focus on plant-based nutrition and wellness. We are what we eat and I would like to help people to optimize their overall health and wellness using a plant-based diet.”

Nutritherapyy thrives on resilience and nature proximity as its brand values. Publications on the blog are geared towards unleashing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Additionally, readers of Nutritherapyy will learn how to sync their minds and bodies with nature to channel their inimitable healing and nutritional properties of food into creating a healthier life.

Kay Pierre shares her wealth of expertise as a certified holistic-nutritionist to help people on their journey with plant-based eating. The blog has grown substantially and has tens of posts published already.

To read Nutritherapyy, please visit www.nutritherapyy.com.

About Kay Pierre

Kay Pierre is the mastermind behind Nutritherapyy. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a travel crusader by night, and a lover of the arts. As someone who is driven by curiosity, Kay is always happy to experiment in her lab (her kitchen) and chase flights around the globe.

For more information, please visit www.nutritherapyy.com/about-us/#.YglLot_MKHs.

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