Kidney illness, diabetes high comorbidities in Covid-19 deaths in Davao Metropolis


KIDNEY disease and diabetes exceeded comorbidities related to Covid-19 deaths in Davao City, a local health official said.

The acting head of the Davao City Health Department (CHO), Dr. Ashley Lopez said that from March 15, 2020 to April 24, 2021 of the 685 Covid-19 deaths, 75 to 80 percent had illnesses such as kidney disease and diabetes.

Lopez said someone with comorbidities will most likely end up as a chronic Covid-19 patient once infected with the virus.

“The mayor wants to address the urgency of giving vaccines to this group. Hinaut matagaan og priority (I really hope they are prioritized), “said Lopez.

According to the Covid-19 vaccination priority list, seniors aged 60 and over have priority A2, while those with comorbidities have priority A3. Most seniors also have comorbidities.

Lopez said seniors in the city could hit around 100,000.

In his report at the latest meeting of department heads, a total of 161 suffered from kidney disease among the Covid-19 deaths; 126 with diabetes mellitus; 122 with heart disease; 109 with high blood pressure (HCVD); 72 with respiratory diseases; 55 with diseases of the digestive system; 33 with cerebrovascular accident; and 32 with carcinoma; among other.

He also cited hospital occupancy rates and intensive care unit occupancy as factors contributing to Covid-19 deaths in the city.

The city government has already set up more isolation centers and temporary treatment and surveillance facilities in preparation for a possible second wave or further spike in Covid-19 cases.