Kind 2 diabetes reversed by low carbohydrate food regimen CSIRO analysis suggests


A new study suggests this Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by a short-term low-carb diet.

CSIRO has researched with laboratories around the world and found that eating patterns that are lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein and healthy fats are actually more effective for improving your blood sugar management.

They analyzed 23 published clinical studies worldwide and compared low-carbohydrate diets with mostly low-fat control diets.

A new study suggests that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a short-term low-carb diet. (9news)

Patients who restricted their carbohydrates were more likely to drive their diabetes into remission without any adverse effects. They were also able to experience greater weight loss after six months.

When George Inatey decided to cut carbohydrates from his diet, he became a new man.

Within six months, the type 2 diabetic rose from over 100 kg to 62 kg.

He also no longer needs multiple insulin injections a day to control his diabetes, and his blood pressure and cholesterol have also improved.

“It was the most liberating thing I’ve done in my life in 40 years,” he told 9News.

Type two diabetesWhen George Inatey decided to cut carbohydrates from his diet, he became a new man. (9news)

The new study looked at patients with type 2 diabetes who ate a low-carbohydrate diet with caps such as a daily cup of pasta, corn on the cob, a slice of toast, and a medium-sized piece of fruit.

Researchers say most benefits decreased by 12 months, which could be related to the intensity and challenges of rigorous dietary intervention.

It is an option people should consider, but in consultation with a healthcare professional.