Linne’s Important Oils Duo Helps You Wake Up, Then Chill out


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If you’re stuck on the coffee-to-Cabernet cycle – which means you need to be stimulated awake in the morning and essentially calm down at night to sleep – and you want to find a no-crash solution to get through as an energy- Roller coaster being your average day, it might be worth adding a little aromatherapy to your life. And thanks to a new product from the luxurious botanical skin care line Linné, it has never been easier to awaken or soothe your senses.

The product is called Rise & Rest and is made from a duo of rollerball essential oil blends – one to revitalize you in the morning and the other to decompress you at night (or any time of the day you find yourself in need of a small cortisol cut) (aka Always).

Linnaeus Rise Rest

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The former, Rise, is made from moisturizing squalane (BFF of your skin) and an essential oil blend of orange, red tangerine, balsam fir, black spruce, black pepper, coriander, holy basil, and sea buckthorn oil. “The first four essential oils in this blend are for comfort, and then bring you pleasure,” says Amy Anthony, certified aromatherapist at NYC Aromatica.

Citrus essential oils – like the orange and red tangerines used in this product – keep lightening the mood, says Anthony. “They’re like vacation, summer – they bring people to a happy place,” she says. Anthony adds that red tangerine is like a “big hug”. Balsam fir and black spruce then add a sweetness to the mixture for an overall effect that brightens and clears, helping to lift the brain fog. Black pepper also helps with mental clarity; Plus, it adds a fiery, sexy element. Coriander, meanwhile, acts as a mood modulator. “It’s really nice for pain,” says Anthony.

Ultimately, she sums up the Rise formula as follows: “It can begin to open, penetrate, and clear with the citrus and conifers [aka balsam fir and black spruce] and then go in with the heavy hits like black pepper, coriander and holy basil to really bring that vigilance. ”

As for the rest formula, Anthony says it’s not your average sedative oil. While a classic sleep mix usually contains lavender and chamomile, this one specifically uses lavender and (expensive!) Chamomile varieties that are more calming than sleep-inducing. Ylang Ylang, or “poor man’s jasmine,” then adds a mood that Anthony describes as happy and sexy, while incense helps you gain clarity – hence it is often used in meditation. And finally, Petitgrain sur Fleurs – another citrus fruit that is often found in perfumery – is said to help stabilize the nervous system.

While Rise & Rest is specifically divided into two vials, each designed for the purposes outlined above, Anthony notes that for some people, due to its overall “happy” profile, Rise can be just as comforting as Rest.

I tried both formulas and found that I fell into the relaxing climb category as I wasn’t getting a caffeine boost, but it lifted my grumpy morning mood and calmed my mind so I could actually tackle the day of tasks with something that did approaches self-confidence. Meanwhile, the quiet felt more subtle, like a warm cup of chamomile tea in the evening. And while neither my coffee nor my Cabernet (or my cannabis!) Have been replaced, I find that both of them take me to a happier, less frenetic, and quieter place. I will use them to get up and rest during the exciting but undoubtedly overwhelming summer with girls shot.

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