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LiveAltlife, a holistic solution provider that enables diabetes reversal, starts operations.

Published on January 29, 2021

LiveAltlife, a health and wellness startup, starts operations today. LiveAltlife ( is a Bangalore-based provider of holistic solutions that enable people to reverse their diabetes and other lifestyle conditions like obesity, PCOS, etc. LiveAltlife helps people battle and overcome their diabetes and other conditions through one single. Stop Solution, which includes therapeutic foods, curated fitness routines, mindful stress management, predictive medical diagnostics, and expert advice backed by a smart, high-tech ecosystem.

Upon beta launch, hundreds of customers have benefited from LiveAltlife’s unique triangular approach to health, breaking their dependency on daily medicine, losing significant weight and making commendable improvements in health. Diabetics who have taken multiple medications have reduced their HbA1c by up to 50% and regained healthy levels, in some cases lost more than 15 kg and have become significantly fitter while at the same time stopping all drugs.

LiveAltlife’s solutions include the flagship Health Restore 90 program, which contains all of the solution vectors. There is also a Health Restore 30 and Gut Revive and Immunity Revive programs. LiveAltlife’s NutriSmart AI ensures precise nutrition that leads to positive health results. LiveAltlife’s DiagKnows AI enables customers to predict the future of their health. Based on this proprietary assessment, early warning signs are identified that enable customers to take a proactive view of improving health.

LiveAltlife also launched its first “Tomorrow Thanks You” marketing campaign urging people to go beyond their living standards today and thanking them tomorrow. The campaign aims to achieve this through digital activation, radio, print and on-site activation, as well as engagement in social media.

Vivek Subramanyam, CEO of LiveAltlife, announced the official launch, saying, “Our priority as the nextgene provider of health and wellness solutions is to provide sustainable and safe solutions to combat and overcome lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, which are epidemic in India and worldwide Have reached proportions. Many of us struggle with lifestyle conditions like type 2 diabetes, PCOS, and obesity and keep trying different solutions that have limited but long-term help simply because they treat the symptoms, not the root cause. As a result, we are never free from limitations and worries about future complications and are dependent on a lifelong medication regimen. With LiveAltlife, we address the root cause of the problem and enable our customers to reverse their condition in a safe, natural, and convenient way by being up to date with the latest science and bringing them to significantly better health outcomes while weaning off their medication. While we are currently focused on Bangalore as the marketplace, we expect to launch in other Indian cities later this year, and plan to expand internationally in the years to come. We are currently in a tight spot and are funded by friends and family. However, we expect to raise institutional capital later this year. “

The founding team has extensive entrepreneurial experience and specialist knowledge in various functional areas. All of the founders battled their own lifestyle disorders and after finding a solution to improve their health, they decided to develop LiveAltlife to help others like them who are fighting similar battles. The team consists of Vivek Subramanyam, Naren Santhanam and Purushotham Govindarajan who worked together at IDG & Sequoia funded Fintellix, which they sold on NASDAQ-listed Verisk Analytics. Kartik Sarwade comes from a rich leadership role in sales and operations in companies like Ola, Tracxn etc. Monika Manchanda is a tech-savvy food entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the culinary science field.