Lyon Vitamin opens in Eddyville | Information



EDDYVILLE – Kelsie Hoitomt moved to Kentucky from Wisconsin to be closer to the family, especially her sister, who is about to go to college.

Starting Lyon Nutrition wasn’t the plan when she moved, and finding a partner was also unexpected.

Hoitomt’s background is in finance and she has enjoyed her previous career. So it was transformative to become a Herbalife partner. It has also become a community asset where people meet to socialize and learn how to take care of their bodies.

As an early career, Hoitomt started and practiced journalism in Wisconsin. She misses aspects of this life, but her calling and role in Eddyville determine her existence.

Hoitomt took note of the food landscape in Lyon County and western Kentucky and saw a need for health and wellness businesses.

“I think this is very popular because there aren’t a lot of options,” said Hoitomt.

While Princeton has more dining options, it’s not very often that you find yourself going on a food run outside of Eddyville.

“Lyon County as a whole is very health conscious,” said Hoitomt. “We are definitely a blessing to have here.”

Lyon Nutrition may expand into Princeton. Hoitomt is actively looking for a partner there. Herbalife partners and store fronts are located in Paducah and Benton.

Her clients range from teachers and students to the Lake Barkley Chamber of Commerce, city council members and first responders.

“We’re like a lifeline for people who are on their feet all the time,” said Hoitomt. Local nurses, doctors, and medical staff visit frequently and have become regular customers.

Since September, Hoitomt has been looking for a location to open their business. She moved to Kentucky last May and Lyon Nutrition opened in January.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have entrepreneurial opportunities, Hoitomt said. Eddyville has affordable rental incentives, and the city and county make great business partners who freely share resources and information.

The mall where Lyon Nutrition is located could use a facelift, Hoitomt stressed. “These malls just die because people just don’t shop the way they used to.”

Shopping online has made it difficult for any brick and mortar store to thrive and thrive in the United States

Community feedback raises concern about the 2pm closing time. A feeling is being expressed that it is too early and that people want their working hours to be extended.

“We’re not here to make a sale, we’re here to make a difference,” said Hoitomt.

Isabella Ortiz, Lyon’s Nutrition Partner, graduated from Lyon County High School in 2020.

Ortiz is a nurse, Venture River lifeguard, phlebotomist at the HOPE Center, and a full-time student in the West Kentucky Community and Technical College’s nursing program.

She joined Lyon Nutrition because she believes it fits in perfectly with the community that cares for her neighbors and roommates.

“People found our little hole in the wall here,” said Ortiz. “I really want something that our young children will bring out.”

Understanding what it is like to grow up in Eddyville, Ortiz can identify with teenagers and young adults who want entertainment and healthy, fresh restaurants.

“We’re southerners, we’re all pretty much Baptists. This place helps push the sane aspect,” Ortiz said.