Magellan Rx Administration and Well being Companions Plans Obtain 5 Stars for the Medicare Star Scores Measure: Statin Use in Individuals with Diabetes


PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Magellan Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGLN) announced today that Magellan’s Rx Management (MRx), the company’s Pharmacy Benefit Management division, has received 5 stars from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for its statin has application in people with diabetes (SUPD) as a result of a clinical program launched for Health Partners Plans (HPP), a not-for-profit, managed health organization that operates through Health Partners Medicare, Health Partners (offering a wide range of health insurance options) Medicaid ) and KidzPartners (children’s health insurance program).

“Since the inception of the Health Partners Plans program, we have significantly improved the quality of care for patients with diabetes and cemented the 5-star performance for the SUPD Star Rating measurement as the CMS 5-star threshold has increased significantly” said Sagar Makanji, PharmD, vice president of clinical strategy and programs, Magellan’s Rx Management. “We are making further improvements to this measure, which is critical as star rating thresholds tend to increase year on year.”

The SUPD program was launched in the population of Health Partners Medicare to improve the quality of care for diabetics. The primary goal was to initiate and increase statin use for the primary prevention of cardiovascular events in members aged 40 to 75 years with diabetes. MRx and HPP ended 2019 with 91 percent of people with diabetes taking statin therapy and received 5 stars for the 2021 star ratings published by CMS (based on the measurement year 2019).

“Health Partners Plans is determined to meet the needs of our members and we are incredibly proud of our performance for SUPD,” said Denise Napier, President and Chief Executive Officer of HPP. “We look forward to continuing our 5-star performance and know that our programs will help improve the overall health outcomes of our members.”

The SUPD program aims to improve the overall quality and continuity of care for people with diabetes by coordinating with prescribing doctors, members and pharmacies and by minimizing preventable complications and costs. In view of the high weighting of SUPD in relation to the calculation of the stars overall in the past, this measure was in the foreground in many plans.

“MRx leverages a multimodal contact strategy with a team of pharmacists, certified drug therapy management specialists, nurses, PharmD candidates, pharmacy technicians and customer care staff to help members with diabetes live healthy and vibrant lives,” said Makanji.

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