Make some scrumptious, wholesome and healthful recipes with A’Safwah contemporary yogurt


Muscat: Regarded as the most trusted dairy and beverage brand in the Sultanate, A’Safwah is the oldest and one of the largest vertically integrated dairy companies in Oman. A’Safwah is a synonym for quality fresh from the farm and is popular with children and adults due to its high-quality products. Because yogurt is widely available across the Sultanate, A’Safwah encourages its customers to opt for locally made dairy products that are fresh, nutritious, and delicious. A’Safwah’s products, which offer both high-fat and low-fat variants of fresh yogurt, have emerged as the preferred choice in this segment.

“Popularly used in a wide variety of dishes, yogurt has always been in great demand. What makes A’Safwah yogurt unique is the distinct taste and the rich, full-bodied and smooth texture of the yogurt, ”said a company spokesman. “Made from cow’s milk, it offers a variety of health benefits and can be consumed on its own or used as an ingredient in a number of delicious dishes. To meet the different needs of our consumers, A’Safwah yogurts are also available in a variety of packaging, from 90g packs to 10kg cups. “

Fresh yogurt is a versatile dairy product that can give any dish a distinctive taste. It also has many nutritional benefits such as high in calcium, protein, and vitamins. It is known to stimulate metabolism, boost immunity, and is also good for the heart. Probiotics found in yogurt also promote digestive health and help relieve conditions such as gas, diarrhea, and constipation.

On site, yogurt is an indispensable accompaniment to popular meat preparations, either pure or in the form of dips such as mint yogurt, garlic yogurt or cucumber yogurt. Yogurt is also often used with other sauces to give salads a fresh and savory note. With meals, fresh yogurt is a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts, who often resort to yogurt as an essential breakfast item. The combination of yogurt with fruits, oatmeal, and nuts makes it a nutritious, filling, and wholesome meal to start the day. With a keen eye on the packaging, A’Safwah’s yogurts also make it an ideal quick and easy-to-carry snack for working people who are on the go.

“There are a number of healthy recipes that can be made with yogurt and A’Safwah is my favorite brand,” said Ms. Wafa Al Kindi, who is a loyal consumer of the brand. “At home, no meal is usually complete without yogurt. I encourage my entire family to consume yogurt every day, which has been shown to promote several aspects of health. “

With years of experience in the dairy industry since 1983, A’Safwah has a strong understanding of the needs of the local market. When it comes to innovation, it prides itself on having state-of-the-art production facilities, a well-networked sales system and an exceptional team of experts who maintain the highest quality standards. While the demand for A’Safwah products has increased, the brand has demonstrated its relentless commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality products, fresh and local.