Man conjures up group to step up and dance after his battle with diabetes


WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) – Tony Fa was an overweight diabetic when his father-in-law’s stroke put the effort into perspective.

After this stroke took his father-in-law, who is also diabetic, to the hospital, Fa had his blood sugar levels checked – and they were higher than his father-in-law’s. Fas doctor said he needed to improve his lifestyle in order to improve his life.

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Then Fa found Xtreme Hip Hop, a YouTube fitness movement that combines a step, teacher, and hip hop music. Soon he was dancing the Fa – and now he’s an instructor.

The story of Fa also inspired people in the Polynesian community to dance – he lost more than 30 kg, is no longer on diabetes medication, and teaches several classes daily as a certified instructor.

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Xtreme Hip Hop is for everyone, but Fa’s example has gained a huge following, particularly in the Pacific Islander community in Utah. He says it’s easy to get started with YouTube searches, and it doesn’t even take a step to get started – but that face-to-face classes at multiple studios across Utah are growing in popularity.

When ABC4 attended a class there were people of all ages – they were sweating and dancing to loud music. Tony Fa helped guide them, danced himself, and encouraged those who participated to keep it going.